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Burkina Faso - Bird flu: new outbreak in Ouahigouya

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  • Burkina Faso - Bird flu: new outbreak in Ouahigouya

    Localisation de la province du Yatenga (en rouge) au Burkina Faso.

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    Bird flu: new outbreak in Ouahigouya

    Saturday, May 9, 2015

    The General Directorate of Veterinary Services of the Ministry of Animal Resources and Fishery (MRAH) in collaboration with the Regional Directorate of that department proceeded in the evening of Friday, May 8, 2015 at Somiaga (Yatenga) to the slaughtering and incineration of laying hens. The attack of a modern poultry operation by the outbreak of influenza or bird flu is the cause.
    Somiaga, village attached to the town of Ouahigouya and 7 km at the southern exit of the city of Naaba Kango was stormed by the specialists of veterinary services in order to destroy a reported outbreak of bird flu. For the occasion, security forces, administrative authorities and local people have witnessed the slaughter and incineration of 340 laying hens. Indeed, following questioning one week ago (1 May 2015) because of bird mortality on a farm, service agents in charge of epidemiological surveillance in animal health of the provincial livestock and fisheries resources Yatenga were sent to the farm of Belem Abdoulaye promoter who owned the production of 400 hens, to carry out health checks. Having found on site cases of deaths, the samples were taken and sent to the national laboratory that confirmed the contamination of poultry with bird flu.

    Somiaga quarantined

    To avoid spreading the virus, officials of Animal Resources saw fit to quarantine the village after conducting slaughter and incineration of all chickens. In order to avoid spread of the virus in nature, the agents have disinfected the entire building and the offending material. A crawl space of thirty days was decided in accordance with the legislation in force with the signing by the administrative authority of an order of infection of bird flu in the province.

    Yann NIKIEMA
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