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ALGERIA - "Probable [possible?] cases of avian influenza in Algeria"

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  • ALGERIA - "Probable [possible?] cases of avian influenza in Algeria"

    Merci, Muscade!

    Google-translated from French:

    Probable [possible?] cases of avian influenza in Algeria

    The death of a Filipino worker creates panic group Cojaal
    Wednesday, February 6, 2008.

    The seven bases Cojaal Group, which oversees the implementation of the East-West highway in Bordj Bou-Arreridj El Taref in Algeria, are currently in turmoil following the death of a Filipino worker than fifty years, there are two days in the region Bounfa, near the town of Khroub Constantine.

    She developed symptoms of an acute cold, he delivered the soul at the hospital in Khroub. This event comes after a number of staff and workers have caught a cold in the same period, which has left doubts about the existence of a virus specific to the Asian community which constitutes the workforce Cojaal group, with around 2000 foreigners, mostly from the Philippines, India, Malaysia and Japan.

    Doubts have been accentuated after the sudden departure of central leadership of the group to Paris, "after the onset of signs of a disease peculiar" in the words of workers close to the leadership of the group, located in the region of Ayn Smara in Constantine.

    According to our sources, workshops Tadjnant and Bounfa imposed recently, workers protective face masks to prevent the spread of the virus that is causing the rum.

    We went on our part to the central management of the group to Constantine, where the responsibility for the overall direction, Mr. Ouichi, sought to reassure the staff, stating: "First, the Philippines died of a heart attack and doctors in the hospital can confirm, secondly, the use of masks in some workshops is dictated by the need prevent the spread of the common cold, and unfortunately the workers fell ill at the same time, what is natural in the light of climate change. In addition, the travel director of central France, last Friday, is part of his leave, and he will return next Friday in Constantine. "

    The reassuring the group can apply sanitary measures taken by Cojaal concerning the use of labor in Asia, since the 2000 group grants the workers a holiday every four or six months, and upon their return, they are not subject to any medical supervision, making it probable theory deadly virus.
    ...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes

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    Re: ALGERIA - "Probable [possible?] cases of avian influenza in Algeria"

    Again, the rationale for suspecting someone of being infected by H5N1 AIV is that one of the such chances happened: contacts with diseases animals or travel history in affected countries.
    Algerie reported in the past human cases of plague, perhaps it may be useful to investigate even in this direction.