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Religious Affairs Minister mobilises mosques

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  • Religious Affairs Minister mobilises mosques


    For AIDS and Avian flu prevention Religious Affairs Minister mobilises mosques

    Ministry of Religious Affairs invited mosques’ Imams to adhere to two campaigns to start on December’s first week. The first is about HIV/AIDS prevention, and the second aimed at warning from bird flu dangers. The ministry said it was the very duty of the religious institution.

    A statement by the Ministry of Religious Affairs pointed out that Algeria’s 14 thousand mosques Imams would raise on Friday sermons, tomorrow, AIDS issue in order to sensitize people about the dangers the disease represent, and make them aware on how to prevent it.

    The sermons are to focus, according to the statement, on AIDS’ causes and how it is spread, as sexual contact with an infected person, HIV infected blood…etc.

    The statement signed by the ministry’s spokesman, Abdellah Tamine, said Imams “will mention how to prevent HIV/AIDS, as abstention from extra marital sexual intercourse, quoting texts from the Holy Qur’an and the Sunna (prophet’s deeds and sayings), by underlining the fact that the disease is not a ignominy but a severe test the affected might not have to be blamed for”.

    Speaking to El Khabar, Tamine explains that the ministry thinks the mosque is the best way for such a campaign, as 14 million people are attending Friday sermons, that is to say 40% of the inhabitants of Algiers. “We are usually solicited for sensitizing campaigns, and we have concluded agreements with many ministries in this context”, he adds.

    On Friday, December 8, Imams are to launch sensitizing campaigns on avian flu. Ministry’s statement called to focus on a series of warnings, as to invited people to avoid hunting at bird migration season, touch dead birds, or buy living birds whose health is submitted to control.

    Tamine says the mosque’ activity is to complete the steps taken by Agricultures and Health ministries in this context. He affirms that birds migration season southward (from northern areas) is behind these measures.
    “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
    Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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