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South Africa - Water fowl collection will not be culled

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  • South Africa - Water fowl collection will not be culled

    South Africa - Water fowl will not be culled,2172,134113,00.html

    September 01, 2006, 12:45
    The R2 million water bird collection of Dr Hilko Insel of Bon Accord, north of Pretoria, will not be culled.

    The department of agriculture has conceded that tests to determine the possible presence of avian flu among Insel's birds have proved negative. The department's advocate has asked the Pretoria High Court to grant Inselís appeal against a judgement that all his birds be culled.

    Insel was granted leave to appeal against an order by the Pretoria high court that his entire collection of water fowl be culled. The court gave the department of agriculture permission to destroy 800 fowl on Insel's small holding at Bon Accord, north of Pretoria. The department suspects that the birds carry a strain of the bird flu virus.