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Benin - 3 members of the same family found dead in Parakou - Poisoning from food or carbon monoxide suspected

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  • Benin - 3 members of the same family found dead in Parakou - Poisoning from food or carbon monoxide suspected

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    Written by Claude PLAGBETO Urban / R Borgou-Alibori Posted in Society Tuesday, September 1, 2015 11:14 p.m.

    Four victims: a father and his two children died and the mother of the family admitted in critical condition at departmental Hospital (CHD-Borgou). This is the sad record of the tragedy that occurred on the night of Monday to yesterday Tuesday in Thian in the 1st district of Parakou. The victims, originating of Glazou? according to relatives, showed signs of vomiting and diarrhea.

    Before going to bed, they consumed fat rice prepared in the room, told the survivor to Monique G., nurse at the Tourou health center where she was admitted before being referred to the CHD-Borgou. The victim heard the cries of her baby boy at about midnight and got up to go to the children but dizzy, the husband asked her to lie down again. In the morning, the woman said she woke her husband in vain and manages with difficulty to leave the room to call for help. "Around 9:15, the woman came to knock at the door. She asked to come and see, she does not know what her husband has, she wakes him in vain. Herself was not standing up well. She was guarded. I approached the husband and I called his name but he did not respond. I opened the window and I found that he had vomited on himself. I then touched him and saw that he was no longer living. Then we looked at the children who were lying in the lounge and we also found that they had vomited and defecated and they were dead, "says Kassim, a neighbor of the house who immediately alerted local authorities.

    The latest news are that the vital prognosis of the mother would not be engaged after she was administered intensive care but she remains weak. The causes of this tragedy are still unknown. It must be stressed that there is no bruising no burns even less injuries that would demonstrate possible violence on the bodies. Pending confirmation of the test results on the meal, vomit and feces taken by a laboratory, food poisoning is suspected, a recurrent phenomenon in the department of Borgou. But also, could death come from asphyxiation with carbon monoxide since, to warm the room, they made a fire inside the room with the coal before going to bed.

    Claude PLAGBETO Urban / R Borgou-Alibori

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    Benin: three family members found dead in Parakou

    Herv? Yao Kingb?w? 02/09/15

    At Thian neighborhood in the 1st district of Parakou, in northern Benin, was consternation and sorrow on Tuesday 1 September. In this area, three members of the same family- father and two children-have indeed been found dead and fourthly mother-in critical condition.

    What is the origin of this drama? Hard to say exactly yet. The initial findings suggest a food poisoning including fat rice consumed by the household the night before. From the explanations given by the only survivor - the mother who is pregnant -, doctors at the hospital where she was rushed rather think of a death by asphyxiation. The woman would indeed told the men in white coats that because of the freshness that has plagued the northern part of the country, her husband had asked her to leave lit the fire of the hearth that was used for cooking in the evening in the room. Also according to the woman, one of the children woke in the night with vertigo. Despite this, the father would have insisted that the fire stays on.

    For so identify the cause of the tragedy, an investigation was opened by the relevant departments.
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