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Senegal - Touba: a man spits blood and dies - hospital says that it is not an Ebola case

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    Re: Senegal - Touba: a man spits blood and dies - hospital says that it is not an Ebola case

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    [Ebola] - Drama in Touba: "He died because nobody wanted to help him"

    Posted by: allodakar ACTUALITÉS9 in September 20140 52 Views

    The OBS - The Ebola presence in the country has finished installing fear in the minds of Senegal to the point where nobody dares even to approach a patient who vomits blood, even let him die without ever help him. This is what happened yesterday in Touba. No sooner had the public transportation vehicle, coming from Fouta, parked next to the Grand Mosque, not far from the Résidence Khadiomou Rassoul, around 16 hours, it is every man for himself . The passengers are all out of the car, leaving alone inside a person in bad shape which eventually died. "He died because nobody wanted to help him," said one passenger. In good shape, the boy was at the departure of the vehicle. This at least what testifies the same passenger. "It was during the trip that he complained of stomach ache before he started vomiting blood to death," he continues.

    Alerted firefighters and officers of the health department were deported on the spot. The lifeless body abandoned in the vehicle, was immediately disinfected and all passengers isolated before being identified. The deputy chief medical officer of health district of Touba also present at the scene, quickly pointed out that the person did not die of Ebola hemorrhagic fever. Dr. Sylla Mbacké so appealing for calm and serenity of the population of Touba. He said the requisition of the phone of the victim has permitted to trace back phone calls which dismissed any contact of the dead person with a person affected by the Ebola virus. Also he used this occasion to invite people to comply with hygiene rules to deal with any eventuality.

    However, samples were taken from the victim, whose lifeless body was deposited at the morgue of the hospital Matalaboul Fawzeini to determine the exact cause of his death.


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  • Senegal - Touba: a man spits blood and dies - hospital says that it is not an Ebola case

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    Touba - A man spits blood and dies. The hospital says that it is not an Ebola case

    By SenewebNews | | Monday, September 8, 2014 9:25 p.m. |

    In less than half an hour the noise circled around the holy city of Touba. This noise was reporting that a person died as a result of painful vomiting. Worse, the man vomited blood before losing his life.

    The scene was around 16 hours. In fact it was a 20 year old man who came from du Fouta. On board the vehicle carrying him, there were more than a dozen passengers. All have suddenly lost the will to live when they saw the blood spat in the car.

    "More fear than harm," said Dr. Mbacké Sylla. According to him, he is not a suspect Ebola but a patient that was abandoned by his strength. The site was disinfected .
    Psychosis Ebola in Touba: A man vomits blood and dies in a minibus

    Written Monday, September 8, 2014 at 11:14 p.m. |

    That was the big concern this afternoon at Touba. The cause involves a young man in his twenties who was vomiting blood suddenly became slumped before dying on the spot, in a vehicle transit type minicar .The Deputy Chief Medical Officer of health District of Touba reassured that this is not the dreaded Ebola. "After intersected all the information, we realized that this is not a suspected case . On place there we made a little questioning of passengers and we also learned about where the car was coming from and really there is no indication that this is an Ebola case. Everybody can be reassured. The driver and passengers were all reassured "tried to explain Doctor Mbacké Sylla.

    Nevertheless all precautions have been taken. The passengers were isolated, the vehicle treated. The lifeless body of the young in his twenties was sent to the morgue of the hospital Matlaboul Fawzeini in Touba.