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CAMEROON :: Covid-19: Respect for our dead and necessary caution

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  • CAMEROON :: Covid-19: Respect for our dead and necessary caution


    CAMEROON :: Covid-19: Respect for our dead and necessary caution :: CAMEROON

    How can families be allowed to grieve with dignity while preserving public health?

    The chilling testimony of Justin Roger Noah describes a crazy day on Saturday through various hospitals in Yaound?. "In the evening of Saturday, the case of my cousin, who was already taken care of by his brothers and my youngest, got worse. It had to be started. First stop at the Messassi district hospital where examinations will be done but taking into account the breathing difficulties of the patient, he was transferred to the Jamot hospital which did not even receive him; they asked to go to the central hospital where the doctor on duty explains that he there is no bed and no oxygen and suggests going to the CHU. Again no results. We go to the cashier hospital and then the general hospital. " Without success.

    Frantic and exhausted by the vertigo of an improbable unsuccessful city tour, without solution, the idea of ​​trying another track is obvious. "We decide to try the Obala district hospital. Arriving in Obala at 4.30 am, almost an hour of waiting with horns constantly, the doors do not open. Remembering the Ad Lucem hospital from Efok, we arrive there around 5 am The patient is admitted and will be placed under a device which they reveal this morning not to be oxygen. After having concluded that Covid-19 is suspected, the attending physician a transfer to the central hospital but we will not receive the information until 3.30 pm In the meantime, they continue to buy several medicines. At 5 pm, MS gives up. " The outcome of this crazy race is ruthless, disarming, it is death, despite the mobilization of relatives of the deceased.

    In fact, it is not an end for the family. Rather the start of a new test of common nerve in recent weeks to the families of the deceased of confirmed or suspected covid-19. The hospital refuses to hand over the body saying they will call 1510 to take over. "They will try without success. So we come back the next day at 11 am. Meeting with the SG, the attending physician and the director of the hospital and we must wait until the district chief arrives with the appropriate equipment to take care of the case However, I called 1510 several times. The ladies on the phone answer to wait because their role is to pass on the information. We will wait until 6 pm when the district chief and his team finally arrive. interrogate us and record our names and telephone contacts.

    The team treats the body and some areas of the hospital whose personnel are in quarantine. They tell us that the body will have to be kept in a cover in a morgue to await the results of the test. "

    200,000 Fcfa for the coffin

    In Douala last week, a similar situation plunged a family into disarray. And not just because of the loss of a loved one. MN says he lost his aunt in difficult circumstances: "It is when she dies that the doctor says he suspects covid-19. They will keep the body for more than 24 hours while waiting for the results. Finally they tell us that it is the covid-19 and ask us more than 200,000 Fcfa to buy the patati patata coffin. We died on Thursday and we buried her Friday evening in Douala. We were overwhelmed but her older brother asked that we drop it. Even to find a cemetery was not easy. The local town hall was not involved anywhere. While we are sung that it is the town halls which bury the dead of the covid-19 ", gets upset MN Here, up to 200,000 FCFA were demanded and obtained from the family for the burial formalities.

    In accordance with government security measures, national health protections, covid-19 deaths no longer belong to families, but to the state that oversees the process. Families, after a first time of amazement, now demand more involvement in the management of bodies of covid-19 confirmed or suspected. Scenes of fierce resistance multiply to prevent the harmonious unfolding of the body management protocol. We are even talking about ubiquitous and dangerous situations such as the coinage of gender certificates to mask the cause of death.

    The concern is mounting. Serious incidents are increasingly feared. All actors in society are challenged. "It is time to remind everyone in society that, as with Ebola, the management of covid-19 bodies retains the same dangerousness and the same highly contagious potential. Otherwise, the whole philosophy of hygiene and prevention measures this pandemic is falling into the water! So, please, let LeJour take on his republican role in the response to remind the whole nation that the covid-19 bodies are as contaminating as the secretions which impose the compulsory wearing of masks and the washing of hands ", urges Pr Tetanye