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Madagascar - The epidemic of conjunctivitis continues to spread

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  • Madagascar - The epidemic of conjunctivitis continues to spread

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    EYE DISEASE – An epidemic of conjunctivitis in Mahajanga

    Miangaly Ralitera
    -Published on January 7, 2024

    Prevention of the spread of disease. The governor of the Boeny region is calling for school evictions, in the face of the epidemic of bacterial conjunctivitis which is hitting the town of Mahajanga. “Parents are asked not to send infected children to school, to protect us against this disease,” declared Mokhtar Salim Andriatomanga, on his Facebook page, Saturday.

    The regional public health department of the Boeny region also recommends the implementation of certain measures in schools, with the resumption of classes, after the Christmas holidays, from today. “This bacterial conjunctivitis is transmitted by contact, and very easily. So children and teachers who have symptoms should not go to school. Schools must also put in place a hand washing system to protect those who are not yet affected by the disease,” she advises.

    Work stopping
    The Ministry of National Education and the regional directorate of National Education Boeny have not yet announced the obligation of school eviction nor the postponement of the start of the second term in the Boeny region, until time we submitted our article. The regional public health department also recommends work stoppage for all infected people, justifying their absence with a doctor's prescription.

    This eye disease has been spreading at breakneck speed in the City of Flowers since the end of 2023. It is caused by bacteria, and is characterized by the sensation of sand in the eye, tearing, swelling. and redness of the eyes. When these symptoms occur, consultation with a doctor is strongly recommended. To avoid this disease, hands should be washed frequently with disinfectant gel or soap, personal belongings should be put aside, eyes and eye area should not be touched.

    Miangaly Ralitera​

    Les dispositifs de lavage des mains à l’école sont fortement recommandés. Prévention de propagation de maladie. Le gouverneur de la région B...


    CONJUNCTIVITIS OUTBREAK - Reinforced health measures in bus stations

    Miangaly Ralitera
    Published on January 9, 2024

    The conjunctivitis epidemic continues to spread. It was detected outside Mahajanga. Health measures at bus stations are reinforced.

    Great mobilization. Measures to cut the chain of transmission of conjunctivitis which is prevalent in Mahajanga have been put in place at bus stations since yesterday. Hand washing devices and soaps have been installed at bus stations in the City of Flowers.

    The Land Transport Agency (ATT) notes that all bus stations, national and regional, will be equipped with them. The teams from the Regional Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Directorate have also raised awareness among passengers and those responsible at these parking lots to wash their hands frequently to protect themselves against this disease.

    At the Makis bus station in Andohatapenaka, health professionals are raising awareness about the disease, particularly to passengers coming from Mahajanga. Messages on prevention and treatment of the disease are played over and over again. Technical teams can also be consulted. In Mahajanga, the Ministry of Public Health sent medicines and equipment for free treatment of this disease, at the health center level.


    The Ministry of Water, Hygiene and Sanitation, the Ministry of Transport and Meteorology, and the Ministry of Public Health are mobilizing to stop this epidemic. It has already been circulating in towns outside Mahajanga, the center of the epidemic, since the end of the year. Infected people were reportedly detected in Maevatanàna, in Mampikony. “Basic health centers (CSB) which observe cases must notify higher authorities. For the moment, we have not received any notification,” indicates a source at the regional public health directorate in Analamanga. Observers believe that the State must decree a travel ban for people who show symptoms of the disease to cut the chain of transmission of the disease and to prevent its spread to other cities. For the moment, everyone can travel on public transport, according to the ATT. This disease is not life-threatening, but rather sight-threatening. She can be treated. “What is dangerous about this disease is when infected people do not treat themselves with treatments prescribed by doctors. Administering non-medical products can cause serious side effects to the eyes,” warns a doctor.

    Miangaly Ralitera

    L’affluence dans les gares routières peut favoriser la propagation de la conjonctivite. L’épidémie de conjonctivite continue sa propagation....


    Conjunctivitis epidemic: cases are starting to appear in the Capital

    Written by Adnews onJanuary 10, 2024

    January 10, 2024

    While the epidemic of bacterial conjunctivitis shows signs of slowing down in Mahajanga, but spreading to neighboring areas, cases were reported in the Capital, which the Ministry of Health denied yesterday.

    The epidemic of bacterial conjunctivitis is rampant. After having hit the City of Flowers hard and affecting other localities (Maevatanana, Moramanga and Toamasina), it arrived in the Capital, hearing the testimonies of certain people.

    At this rate and without a drastic measure to strengthen prevention, the spread of this epidemic across the country cannot be ruled out. On the web, several people have even declared having contracted this disease.

    Testimony of a mother whose daughter had infectious conjunctivitis. “Last Friday, my daughter showed symptoms similar to conjunctivitis. His eyes are red and swollen with itching when he wakes up. I advised him to put on his glasses thinking it was one of his common eye diseases caused by prolonged use of digital screens, but his condition did not improve after three days “, she explained.

    And to continue, “On Monday, I took her to a pediatrician who made an unequivocal diagnosis: it was conjunctivitis. Besides, since yesterday, we at home have all been affected by this epidemic,” testified this mother living in the Fifth Arrondissement. Other cases were also reported by patients affected in other districts of Antananarivo and in the outskirts.

    Consulted on the subject yesterday, Dr. Lalie Raharimamonjy, Director of Health Promotion (DPS) within the Ministry of Public Health, stressed that “no case of bacterial conjunctivitis has yet been reported at the level of the ministry, until the present time. Otherwise, either patients did not consult a Basic Health Center (CSB) or other public hospitals, or they chose to seek treatment in private hospitals.”

    He also stressed that “Measures for prevention and free treatment of cases of conjunctivitis are being reinforced in Mahajanga. Medicines and medical consumables arrived in Mahajanga yesterday and will be distributed to all public health centers in Mahajanga I. According to details, these drugs will make it possible to treat up to 2,500 patients.

    The peak already reached in Mahajanga

    According to local authorities, a downward trend in new cases of bacterial conjunctivitis has been noted in the town of Mahajanga. “The peak of the epidemic was reached at the end
    of the week. So the decline is beginning. Moreover, no serious case has been detected in all the patients treated so far,” it was clarified. To prevent the spread of
    the epidemic, the establishment of a health barrier was recommended.

    “Messages of awareness and prevention to deal with this epidemic have already been launched across the country to allow the population to better protect themselves,” concluded Dr. Lalie Raharimamonjy.


    "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
    -Nelson Mandela