Mystery Remains As NJ Nursing Home Coronavirus Deaths Keep Rising:

NEW JERSEY – They just don't add up.

This is what state officials say they're continuing to hear about the rising – and, in at least some cases, alarming – number of cases and fatalities at New Jersey's nursing homes and long-term care facilities amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis (see list of nursing homes, case totals and fatalities below).

The state has lost at least 17 percent of the people in those facilities who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 – which is about quadruple the statewide percentage of total fatalities.

But a big part of the problem is that, health officials acknowledge, the numbers are probably higher – maybe even way higher. Families and loved ones are now demanding that state officials and the facilities themselves need to be more upfront about the level of contamination in nursing homes, veterans homes and other long-term care facilities...