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Mexican variant? Mutation of coronavirus under study in Jalisco

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  • Mexican variant? Mutation of coronavirus under study in Jalisco

    Mexican variant? Mutation of coronavirus under study in Jalisco

    Meanwhile, the state has extended restrictive measures another two weeks
    Published on Monday, February 1, 2021
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    Health authorities are investigating whether a strain of the coronavirus detected in four people in Jalisco is a Mexican variant of SARS-CoV-2, a senior health official said Sunday.

    Four cases of the virus with the E484K mutation were detected on Friday. The mutation, which appears to make the coronavirus more contagious, has been detected in new strains in South Africa and Brazil.

    The cases are under investigation by the federal Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference and state health authorities.

    “We have to characterize their important components, the combinations of several mutations that the virus might have,” said Ruy L?pez Ridaura, director of the Health Ministry’s National Center for Disease Prevention and Control Programs.

    He told the Health Ministry’s coronavirus press briefing that it has to be determined if the virus is a new strain and if so it must be established whether it is more virulent or causes a more serious Covid-19 illness.

    “… There are most probably mutations of the virus that are circulating among the Mexican public. In order to say [we have] a Mexican variant and to describe it as such, its significance [in terms of contagiousness and potential for harm] has to verified. It’s probable that there are several mutations that don’t have any impact” beyond that caused by the original strain, L?pez said.....

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    I noticed several days ago that the deaths reported daily for Mexico was quite high. I do not know the reason, but a new variant could help explain it. Below is an image of the WHO dashboard, sorted for Deaths-Newly Reported Last 24 Hours. When I looked at it several days ago Mexico was listed second then as it is now. Here the link to the dashboard:

    Situation By Country.JPG