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Reports of finding SARS-CoV 2 variant in Sarawak

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  • Reports of finding SARS-CoV 2 variant in Sarawak

    From Facebook page of Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah is the Director General of Health Malaysia and Senior Consultant in Breast, Endocrine & General Surgery:

    Feedback from Virology Unit, Medical Research Institute, MOH
    Based on reports received from UNIMAS, there are two variants of SARS-CoV-2 detected which are B. 1.160.3 and B. 1.160.
    Here is additional information from the IMR regarding the report based on studies from GISAID data.
    1) Variant B. 1.160.3 has been rename to B. 1.470. This variant was dominated by variants from Indonesia since April 2020 with a prevalent of 67.6 % (76/108) which is from 108 numbers of full genome sequences this variant registered in GISAID, 76 is from Indonesia. Other countries who also reported this variant are Singapore (10.2 %; 11/108), Japan (12.0, 13/108) and minorities in Taiwan and Hong Kong. This variant has a D614G mutation which is now commonly found in nearly majority of the SARS-CoV-2. variants.
    2) Variant B. 1.160 was commonly found variants in Europah countries since July 2020 starting from France (11.2 %) and now dominated by Denmark (28.0 %), Switzerland (15.4 %). and UK (17.2 %). This variant has a mutation of D614G and S477N spikes.
    But the predominant variant in the UK at this time is B1. 1.7 variant where almost 89.9 % of the distribution of this variant in the world is restless in the UK.
    At the moment there is no evidence that shows that variant B. 1.160 / B. These 1.470 from Sarawak have higher levels of infection or virulence. From a genomic sequencing study on the Peninsula, similar strains are yet to be found.
    So far, still can't be assured of the origin of the SARS-CoV2 variant in Sarawak although it's likely to come from Indonesia that has registered 67.7 % similar strain since April last year.