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Shanghai: 412 temperature monitoring stations in the entire road network - it appears 2 districts in city are locked down

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  • Shanghai: 412 temperature monitoring stations in the entire road network - it appears 2 districts in city are locked down

    : Shanghai has banned people and cars from entering the city starting at 00:00 on February 14 in order to put the #CoronavirusOutbreak under control. At least 300 cases of such infection have been confirmed in Shanghai. And at least one died from the disease in the city.

    Shanghai Songjiang launched the "three completes" epidemic prevention work method to build a strict and detailed line of defense and strictly control each barrier.

    Source: the concept of news Author: Li Chengdong Duchen Wei 2020-02-13 06:31
    Abstract: In order to thoroughly implement the various decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government on the prevention and control of epidemic situations, while making every effort to prevent and control the epidemic situation, coordinate the "six stability" work, and Songjiang has launched the "three comprehensives" work method..


    At the above jfdaily report is a picture of workers making masks. They are not wearing gloves. This is not the first picture that I have seen of this.
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    Songjiang is a suburban district of Shanghai. It has a land area of 605.64 kmē and a population of 1,582,398. Owing to a long history, Songjiang is known as the cultural root of Shanghai. Songjiang Town, the urban center of the district, was formerly the major city in the area.


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      No Shanghai resident returning from outside Shanghai is now permitted to enter Shanghai. All will be refused entry. If Shanghai, the hub of Chinese business, is out of action, it is very likely all production activity that is not yet curtailed will soon cease. #coronavirus


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        Posted on Shanghai government website -

        Shanghai ’s National People ’s Congress urgently fights the epidemic in accordance with the law
        (10:03, February 15, 2020)
        Source: Jiefang Daily

          The more difficult the epidemic prevention and control is, the more we must adhere to prevention and control according to law. A week ago, Shanghai's first emergency legislation showed the power of "prevention and control according to law."

          On the morning of February 7th, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress creatively carried out legislative work, reviewed and approved in full the "Shanghai Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee's Decision to Do a Good Job in the Prevention and Control of the Current Epidemic Situation of New Coronavirus Infection and Pneumonia". The implementation of the major deployment of the central and municipal committees on the epidemic situation, and the successful prevention and control of the epidemic in Shanghai provided timely and effective support for the rule of law.

          For a while, government departments, park managers, and "primary alleys" in the community studied the "Decisions" and compared them one by one according to their contents, one by one, to check for weak points in the epidemic prevention work. The returnees also consciously abide by the regulations, and seriously cooperate with the level crossing inspectors and community neighborhood committee officials to measure body temperature and register information. The Standing Committees of the people's congresses of various districts and representatives of people's congresses at all levels are also actively promoting and promoting the implementation of the Decision.

          With this "decision", Shanghai has more confidence in carrying out epidemic prevention and control work, and law enforcement officials have a harder bar. All parties have praised this local emergency legislation as "timely, effective and effective."

          Give the administration a "centering pill"

          How to weave the prevention and control network and ensure the orderly operation of the city?

          The "Decision" authorizes the municipal government to take temporary emergency management measures, formulate government regulations or issue decisions, orders, notices, etc. in 11 areas including medical health, epidemic prevention management, isolation observation, and crossing management.

          "It's like giving everyone a peace of mind." Luo Peixin, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Justice, said that this not only clarifies how and why we do it, but also answers "why do you do it?" "We can answer that this is our right under the law."

          After the "Decision" was passed, the municipal government and other relevant parties responded positively. On February 8, the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters issued the "Notice on Strict Implementation of Body Temperature Detection in Public Places and Consciously Wearing Masks", and further detailed and clarified "anyone entering the Shanghai airport and trains according to the relevant requirements of the Decision." Stations, coach stations, rail transit stations, medical and health institutions, shopping malls, supermarkets, and other public places, when taking public transportation, should consciously wear a mask and cooperate with receiving a temperature test. "

          On February 10th, the municipal government issued the "Notice on Further Strict Implementation of Various Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures", and further clarified the implementation of enhanced access to Shanghai in accordance with the requirements of the Decision, the full implementation of territorial control responsibilities, strict urban and rural community management, and strengthening Outbreak prevention and control measures in key population management and other aspects.

          On February 8, the Municipal High Court issued the "Guiding Opinions on Giving Full Play to the Judicial Function to Provide Judicial Services and Guarantees for the Prevention and Control of Epidemic Situations According to Law." On the same day, the Municipal Procuratorate issued the "Guidelines for the Procuratorial Organs of Shanghai to Actively Perform Procuratorial Duties to Safeguard the Prevention and Control of New Coronavirus Infection and Pneumonia in accordance with the Law".

          At the same time, all districts of the city carried out various epidemic prevention and control work based on the "Decision". From February 9, Yangpu, Huangpu, Xuhui and other districts have successively issued circulars on strengthening the prevention and control of pneumonia outbreaks of new coronavirus infections.

          Various departments of public transportation and public utilities also actively implement the requirements of the decision in accordance with their own actual conditions. Shentong Metro Group has successively implemented passenger temperature measurement stations at various railway stations.

        As of February 12, a total of 412 stations in the entire road network have implemented temperature measurement pit stops, and the road network has completed full coverage. At the same time, passengers are required to wear masks when traveling on the subway, and passengers who do not wear masks are advised to leave. Passenger temperature detection points have been set up at 99 hubs in the bus industry, involving 370 bus lines.

          According to statistics, relevant departments and various industries have issued 136 standards, norms and guidelines for epidemic prevention and control, covering 33 industries. "These industry codes cover all aspects of the basic life of citizens, public affairs management, and public place facilities." Ma Jianhong, director of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, said that various specifications are detailed to each specific post and each basic unit to achieve various types of subjects. Prevention and control can be based on evidence, and employees' own prevention and control can be followed.

          Provide legal support for the orderly return to work

          Before the large-scale flow of people on February 9, the National People ’s Congress passed the “Decision”. In the eyes of the people ’s deputies, they are racing against time, fighting against viruses, and providing strong legal support for enterprises to resume work.

          Each enterprise subject strictly complies with the requirements of the Decision, obeys the unified command and management of the government, and actively takes effective measures to implement the main responsibility of the epidemic prevention and control.

          On February 10, the first day of resumption of work, at the Shanghai Steam Turbine Factory of Shanghai Electric Group, employees of the company shuttle bus were temperature-checked by the staff on the bus before they got on the bus; employees in private cars entered the factory to queue for temperature measurement registration. In Shibei High-tech Park, before entering the pedestrian walkway in the park, add a shoe sole disinfection area and reserve a buffer area, so that the crowds of queues can be separated. The park stipulates that all companies returning to work in the building must ensure that a distance of more than 3 meters is left between each two employees' workstations, and the number of employees on each floor does not exceed 20 people. There are 139 light temperature measurement points in the entire park.

          The municipal government and relevant departments are also fully prepared. Before the resumption of work, the municipal emergency department could not only reduce the pressure of checking the passenger crossings, but also grasp the health status of the migrant workers who returned to Shanghai in a timely manner by pushing the “Shanghai Health Cloud” APP and other information methods to enterprises and returning workers. The employer shall inform the employer in time to take measures to prevent and control the epidemic in advance. The Municipal Commission of Economics and Information Technology issued a notice on resuming work and resuming production in enterprises, and put forward 17 targeted measures to help enterprises achieve both prevention and control and production.

          While doing a good job of preventing and controlling resumption of work, it is also necessary to reduce "worries" for enterprises. On February 8th, the municipal government issued a number of policies and measures to prevent and control the epidemic situation to support the stable and healthy development of service companies, from reducing the burden for enterprises, increasing financial assistance to enterprises, and helping enterprises to stabilize their posts. The introduction of 28 measures to fight the "combination fist" of supporting enterprises can reduce the burden and cost of enterprises in the city by more than 30 billion yuan. In order to guide enterprises to resume work and production in an orderly manner, Shanghai requires all districts to place this work in an important position, understand the needs and difficulties of enterprises, and enhance their confidence and expectations.

          The "Decision" also provides the basis and guidance for resolving economic disputes that may arise between enterprises in accordance with the law. Some small and medium-sized enterprises may face legal disputes such as overdue contracts and rent order processing, especially in the tourism industry, and a large number of refunds need to be processed. Although the "Contract Law" and "General Principles of Civil Law" have relevant provisions of force majeure, in the process of specific operations, enterprises need to have a more specific legal basis. "This decision not only supports the government's emergency actions in prevention and control, but also provides a strong legal guarantee for the orderly recovery of the economy." The Deputy Director of the Municipal Lawyers Association's Exhibition and Tourism Business Research Committee and a senior partner of Shanghai Chandong Law Firm Zhong Jianfeng said.

          Work in the main community is much better

          Communities are the main front to fight the epidemic. According to the "Decision", township people's governments and sub-district offices should make unified arrangements in accordance with the city and districts, give full play to the power of group prevention and management, organize and guide the residents 'committees and villagers' committees to manage their jurisdictions, take targeted prevention and control measures, and effectively complete their jurisdiction Internal prevention and control work.

          "The" Decision "provides a legal basis for mobilizing the whole society to prevent and control the disease together, and provides a legal basis." Gu Yunhao, a representative of the Municipal People's Congress, said that in the face of a large number of epidemic prevention and control work, we must be good at combining punch It is necessary to implement the work in a precise and scientific manner, to achieve precise, scientific, standardized, and orderly methods, and to use the thinking and methods of the rule of law to achieve the correct use of this legal weapon in accordance with laws and regulations.

          This legal support has also fully inspired the "initiative spirit" of grassroots organizations such as neighborhood committees and village committees.

          In Jinshan District, "general soldiers" lowered the focus of epidemic prevention work, made the "management unit" more detailed, and tightened the prevention and control "formation", relying on community police, grid staff, building team leader, The village team leader, the women's team leader, and volunteers, and other front-line forces, strictly guarded against the three lines of defense at the entrance of the community, the entrance of the corridor, and the front door of the house, and reduced the management unit to a building, a house, and a factory.

          In Tinglin Town, Songjiang, more than 2,600 village heads, team leaders, and heads of gangs worked together to prevent and control their territories, forming a strong front-line combat force. Lowering the focus of work, dividing small grids and even "micro-grids", turning "raw faces" in the village into "familiar faces".

          In the Dexin residential area of ​​Pudong New District, the staff also divided the residents into 7 categories such as "not out of Shanghai" and "home isolation" based on the data of the schedule table, and managed them by category. Well prepared battle.

          "Front-line neighborhood committee cadres continue to fight. We need to give them more material support and spiritual incentives to create conditions and support for them to do concrete work." Zhu Sihuan, a deputy to the Municipal People's Congress, said. Zhang Lei, a representative of the People's Congress of Hongkou District, proposed that the role of the "troika" should be brought into full play. At present, the community has given full play to the role of party building and leadership. Next, we must further urge the property and industry committees to play a greater role.

          This epidemic halt requires everyone's participation. The "Decision" also stipulates the obligations that individuals have to fulfill, such as the need to consciously wear a mask when entering a public place, and individuals must truthfully report relevant information in accordance with regulations and cooperate with relevant departments to measure body temperature. Pan Zhige, secretary of the Party branch of Huashan Residential District, said that when collecting relevant information on the prevention and control of residents, a few residents were unwilling to tell the truth. "Before, we could only bite the bullet. Now with this" decision ", we can do more work."