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Taiwan quarantines 744 sailors to fight coronavirus spread -6 locations

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  • Taiwan quarantines 744 sailors to fight coronavirus spread -6 locations

    Taiwan to quarantine 700 sailors to fight coronavirus spread
    By Sara Dorn

    April 18, 2020 | 12:01pm
    ...The sailors diagnosed with COVID-19 shared close quarters on their ship, but the country made the decision to quarantine all sailors on three vessels that traveled to Palau in March, Reuters reported.

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    Taiwan confirms 22 new COVID-19 cases, 21 of them from Navy ship (update)

    By Chen Wei-ting and Joseph Yeh, CNA
    |April 19, 2020
    TAIPEI (CNA) — Taiwan confirmed 22 new COVID-19 cases Sunday, 21 of which involved people on a military ship that sailed to Taiwan’s Pacific ally Palau in March, according to the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC).

    The latest confirmed cases brought the country’s total confirmed cases to 420, the CECC said.

    The CECC announced on Saturday that three people aboard the naval supply vessel that was part of the Navy’s three-ship “Fleet of Friendship” had tested positive for COVID-19.

    ......The other 700-plus people on the ships have been put in six quarantine locations across the country and an isolated military camp for a required 14-day quarantine, it said.

    The CECC is still trying to determine the source of the cluster infection.

    On Sunday, the head of the CECC, Health Ministry Chen Shih-chung (陳時中), retracted his comment from the previous day that the virus was likely contracted in Palau, one of Taiwan’s 15 diplomatic allies worldwide....

    The 744 aboard the military vessels included naval officers, servicepersons, students in the naval and political warfare academics.

    The only other new COVID-19 case confirmed Sunday was a man in his 20s who studied in the United States for a year before coming back to Taiwan on April 17.

    As of Sunday, 341 of the 420 confirmed COVID-19 cases that have been reported in Taiwan were classified as imported and 55 as indigenous infections, while the 24 cases from the Navy are still pending, the CECC said.

    So far, Taiwan has reported six COVID-19 deaths and 189 recovered patients, while the others are still undergoing treatment in hospital isolation rooms, according to the CECC.



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      Taiwan warships have been diagnosed with a sudden increase of Taiwan navy deputy commander and epidemic prevention officer changed April 19, 2020 18:53 Global Times

        [Global Network Report] 18), the Rock Ship of the Taiwan Navy's "Dunmu Voyage Training Detachment" was the first to have 3 confirmed cases of new pneumonia. The warship added another 21 confirmed persons yesterday. During this period, Mei Jiashu, deputy commander of the Taiwan Navy, and Chen Shizhong, commander of the epidemic epidemic command center in Taiwan, had reversed the previous and subsequent statements.
        Yesterday, the epidemic epidemic command center in Taiwan announced at a press conference that three confirmed cases had appeared on the rock ship in the "Tunmu Voyage Training Detachment" of the Taiwan Navy. The fleet had docked in Palau from March 12th to 15th. After leaving Palau, it sailed on the high seas for nearly 30 days. On April 15th, the members of the ship disembarked at Zuoying Military Port, Taiwan. Mei Jiashu said at a press conference on the 15th that officers and men of the "Dunmu Fleet" wore masks throughout the Palau event. This statement was immediately beaten.

        Taiwan ’s “United Daily News” reported that according to the photos posted on Facebook by the so-called “Embassy in Palau” of the DPP authorities, Taiwan ’s officers and soldiers did not see a photo of their activities during the period of Palau. . In addition, the so-called "ambassador to Palau" Zhou Mingan posted on Facebook on March 14th in a video clip saying that "the Dunmu Detachment" played a friendly match with the Palau softball team, our cheerleaders are really lively and energetic! " Both of them did not wear masks, and screams were heard from time to time, and the scene was very lively.
        According to Taiwan ’s “Central News Agency”, Mei Jiashu admitted in response to this because Palau did not confirm the case at that time. After consultation with the “Embassy” at that time, he did not wear a mask for outdoor sports performances.
        Not only Mei Jiashu, but Chen Shizhong ’s statement today has also changed compared to yesterday ’s remarks. According to Taiwan ’s “United Daily News”, Chen Shizhong said at a press conference yesterday that the three diagnosed persons of the “Dunmu Voyage Training Detachment” were “moved abroad”. He also said that although Palau is currently diagnosed with zero diagnosis, it is “highly suspected that there are potential cases in Palau”.

        Regarding this statement, Taiwan's "Dongsen News Cloud" mentioned in its report that Palau, which helped Taiwan to conduct new coronary pneumonia testing, has been diagnosed so far. Hong Ziren, deputy director of Xinguang Hospital who provided medical assistance to Palau for a long time, said that "The Palau government is puzzled about this matter."

      In addition to the current negative test, the fleet left on March 15 and should have symptoms at the end of the month. As a result, the symptoms appeared in early April, and further information should be needed. Judgment. The Palau government has launched an investigation and will complete the inspection of 500 people within these three weeks, and contacts with the fleet will be listed as the priority for inspection.

        At today's press conference, Chen Shizhong also changed his tongue. According to Taiwan ’s “China Times” newspaper, Chen Shizhong, who yesterday also referred to the “diagnosed as an overseas move-in” case in the fleet, said today that before the case is unclear, the “Dunmu Voyage Training Detachment” category will be used regardless of the country ’s territory Conduct an investigation. Yesterday, it was mentioned that it might be infected in Palau, but it was not made clear. The command center believes that more investigation is needed to know the ins and outs.

        According to reports, as of now, a total of 24 people on the rock ship of the "Tunmu Voyage Training Detachment" of the Taiwan Navy have been diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia. The Taiwan Epidemic Epidemic Command Center said today that 6 of the 24 people currently have mild symptoms and 18 have no symptoms. The source of infection is to be clarified.

        According to a previous report in the United Daily News, the "Dunmu Voyage Training Detachment" infected soldiers and soldiers repeatedly expressed physical discomfort when returning to the port and docking at the port for isolation. In response to a question from the "Legislative Yuan", Chang Aozhi said: The navy "Dunmu Fleet" returning to Taiwan for quarantine is currently in "healthy condition."

        The Kuomintang "Legislative Yuan" Wu Sihuai questioned on the 18th that the confirmed case of the Taiwan Navy had headaches, runny nose, cough and other symptoms on April 12 and early April. Why did the Navy not report to the superiors immediately, nor did it immediately follow the epidemic disposal regulations They were sent to accompany the doctor, but they were asked to return home after disembarking on April 15 and seek medical treatment on their own.
        The Kuomintang regiment also issued a statement on the evening of the 18th to question that the relevant case appeared symptoms in early April. Why did the Navy say that no one was infected during the questioning on the Legislative Council ’s Defense Committee on Wednesday (15th)? Did anyone want to hide the epidemic or information A break in the delivery process? The Taiwan Army and the "Executive Yuan" must clarify the external question as soon as possible.