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Vietnam: multiple family clusters of H1N1 influenza complications - 1 death

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  • Vietnam: multiple family clusters of H1N1 influenza complications - 1 death

    Thạc Sy Nguyen Trung, Deputy Head of the Emergency Department, a central tropical diseases hospital said, in recent times, the hospital continued to receive many patients suffer from influenza A/H1N1 in severe condition. > 37 students in Lao Cai suspected Influenza A/H1N1 infection > Phấp interviews anxieties novel H1N1 pandemic flu wave > Many ca influenza A/H1N1 to treat late > Ha Giang: the second patient deaths from influenza A/H1N1 > a patient in Khanh Hoa deaths from influenza A/H1N1Ri?ng on 16/3, the hospital's Emergency Department has received 2 ca flu A/H1N1 in a State of breathlessness, respiratory failure, injuries on the lungs. In particular there are many beam conditions are in a family. Have illness beam consists of 6 people in my family are infected with influenza type and must be hospitalized, a bunch of other conditions including 5 people in a family.Cases of patients with severe V.T.L. sister it is 26 years old, in Thanh Hoa, hospitalized on Monday of the disease.The family she has 6 people with A/H1N1 flu and she was breathing heavier air. Patients on both sides of the damaged lungs, severe respiratory failure. Presently Ms. l. is the quarantine room, breathing air.

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    Re: Vietnam: multiple family clusters of H1N1 influenza complications

    Pregant woman 26 yo died

    After seven days of breathing air and active treatment at the Central Hospital of Tropical Diseases but health pregnant women aged 26 l., Vu Thi Thanh Hoa in worsening, the prognosis is difficult to survive should the evening of 23-3 patients have let patients go. After the home, pregnant women l. salmon mortality was 21 hours on the same day.Previously, on 16-3 patients with Vu Thi l., Advanced Optical hamlet lived, Quang Trung commune, Ngoc Lac district district (Thanh Hoa) was transferred to the Hospital of Tropical Diseases in Central bee status bad shortness of breath, severe respiratory failure 2 white lesions on the lungs. The patient was confirmed infected with influenza A/H1N1 and immediately the patients treated in the quarantine room, breathing air.However, after 7 days of treatment, patients with absolutely no signs of recovery, the prognosis does not pass from the family should have let the patient go home.At the time of infection with influenza A/H1N1 patients l. is pregnant in the fifth month. The patient is the heaviest sufferers, l., in the family of 5 people with flu A/H1N1. My husband and my daughter 5 years of this patient was transferred to Hanoi for treatment. Does the health of the rest were stable.


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      Re: Vietnam: multiple family clusters of H1N1 influenza complications - 1 death

      Who 2 ViệtTh?m died from H1N1 infection

      In just over a week, two patients infected with the H1N1 flu are charged back to the family because the first one does not save. The latest patient is a doctor 'cooking' is a 26 year old woman, Thanh Hoa, residents are pregnant almost 6 months.She is the American take on tropical diseases hospital and emergency central minute, 16 March, 2014 because of shortness of breath, respiratory failure, injury to the lungs, breathing air. After nearly a week of treatment, the patient eventually returned home, as doctors first does not through out the situation.

      Online VNExpress quoted Mr. Nguyen Trung, Deputy Head of the hospital's Emergency Department said that the above case is the heaviest song on the team 6 virus H1N1 flu infected patients are treated at the hospital. Earlier, on the night of 17 March 2014, a 79 year-old resident of BAC Giang Province were also brought into the hospital and emergency for the H1N1 virus. After a few days of treatment, asthma stuff getting worse because of pneumonia, myocarditis, finally be brought home a family member is waiting to die.According to the hospital's Emergency Department ?ới Heat Illness in Hanoi, avian flu is transmitted by respiratory outbreak in February, 2014. Calculated each day there are about 4 people infected with H1N1, throughout the provinces in the North are brought into the hospital. There are many families, six people infected with influenza a series.