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IN: H5N1 Avian in poultry

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    Avian influenza hits Johnson County hobby flock of chickens, ducks, peafowl
    by: Gregg Montgomery
    Posted: Apr 25, 2022 / 07:01 PM EST / Updated: Apr 25, 2022 / 10:28 PM EST

    INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A Johnson County hobby flock of chickens, ducks and peafowl is the latest in Indiana to contract avian influenza, the State Board of Animal Health says.

    It’s the first report of the bird flu in the Indianapolis area this year.

    In a Monday update, the Indiana Board of Animal Health says the hobby flock’s 41 birds will be “depopulated” while the site is quarantined. The specific location of the Johnson County flock was not provided.

    The board says its staff will reach out to residents near the Johnson County site to schedule testing of birds to ensure the virus is not present. Hobby poultry owners in Johnson County should contact the board at 317-544-2387 to schedule free testing...


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        2022 avian influenza outbreak hits 11th flock in Indiana
        by: Gregg Montgomery
        Posted: Jun 2, 2022 / 08:12 PM EST / Updated: Jun 2, 2022 / 11:22 PM EST

        INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A flock of about 100 birds in the Fort Wayne area is the latest with avian influenza, testing determined on Thursday.

        The Indiana State Board of Animal Health says the Allen County flock’s owner noticed an unexplained death of eight birds in less than 24 hours and called the federal Health Birds Hotline. The flock is a commercial poultry operation that supplies eggs for some households, state officials say. The announcement from the Board of Animal Health did not say what type of birds are involved. A quarantine has been been put in place around the Allen County operation. Other nearby flocks will be tested.

        The flock is the second in Allen County and the 11th in Indiana to record positive tests for bird flu this year. The 2022 bird flu outbreak is Indiana’s largest in years, part of the worst outbreak in the United States since 2015.

        Rising prices for eggs has been one effect of the outbreak, although avian influenza does not pose a food safety risk.

        Here’s data on bird flu outbreaks so far this year in Indiana:...


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          Bird flu found in 50 chickens, ducks in Allen County; state’s 13th infected flock of 2022
          by: Gregg Montgomery
          Posted: Jun 3, 2022 / 11:07 PM EST / Updated: Jun 3, 2022 / 11:07 PM EST

          INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — About 50 chickens and ducks in a small, hobby operation in the Fort Wayne area was identified Friday as Indiana’s 13th flock with avian influenza.

          The Indiana State Board of Animal Health announced the findings a day after a flock of about 100 egg-producing birds, also in the Fort Wayne area, had contracted bird flu.

          Friday’s findings come from the third flock to be identified with bird flu in Allen County. A quarantine was put in place at the Allen County operations. Other nearby flocks are being tested...


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            Bird flu spreads to another Indiana county
            by: Jana Garrett
            Posted: Jun 30, 2022 / 04:12 PM CDT
            Updated: Jun 30, 2022 / 09:42 PM CDT

            MARION CO., Ind. (WEHT) – Another Indiana county is hit with bird flu.

            The Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH) says on June 30, a hobby/non-poultry flock in Marion County tested positive for the H5 avian influenza virus. The small, hobby flock consisted of a goose and a chicken. The goose was tested after two wild birds on the property tested positive for bird flu. A surveillance zone is being established...


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              Bird flu found in small Elkhart County flock; state’s 14th infected of 2022
              by: Gregg Montgomery
              Posted: Aug 30, 2022 / 06:26 PM EST / Updated: Aug 30, 2022 / 11:10 PM EST

              INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A small flock of chickens, ducks and geese in Elkhart County is the 14th in Indiana found to have bird flu, state officials said Tuesday.

              The flock is the fourth in Elkhart County to be found positive for avian influenza, the Indiana State Board of Animal Health reports. The flock confirmed Tuesday is a noncommercial, hobby flock, and the earlier three flocks in Elkhart County involved commercial poultry operations.

              With Tuesday’s discovery, the board’s staff will be testing birds in nearby flocks.

              The bird flu confirmation is the first in Indiana since June 8, the board says in a news release. Indiana had declared itself free of bird flu on July 21...


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                  Commercial flocks continue to deal with avian flu outbreak
                  By Clayton Baumgarth
                  Posted October 21, 2022

                  An outbreak of avian flu continues to be an issue for turkey and duck farmers.

                  This highly pathogenic bird flu first broke out in commercial poultry flocks in February. Since then, its effected six turkey farms in Dubois and Greene counties, three duck farms in northern Indiana and several backyard flocks.

                  President of the Indiana State Poultry Association Becky Joniskan says about 500,000 birds have been affected in Indiana. “We produce over 20 million turkeys a year,” she said. “So when you look at the numbers, it doesn't look significant. But when it is your farm, it is the world.”

                  Farmers that lost their flock to the disease can receive help through the State Board of Animal Health and the USDA via an indemnity fund that pays out a percentage of the value of their birds...


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                    Bird flu found at Daviess County turkey farm; state’s 15th infected flock of 2022
                    by: Ashley Fowler
                    Posted: Dec 12, 2022 / 05:43 AM EST / Updated: Dec 12, 2022 / 06:42 AM EST

                    INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A commercial flock of 11,394 turkeys at a farm in Daviess County is the 15th flock in Indiana found to have bird flu, state officials said.

                    The birds tested presumptive positive for avian influenza on Sunday and have been quarantined, the Indiana State Board of Animal Health said in a statement. Samples will be tested at Iowa’s national U.S. Department of Agriculture laboratory for confirmation.

                    The flock is the first in Daviess County to test positive for bird flu so far this year.

                    With Sunday’s discovery, the state board will test birds in nearby flocks for the virus.

                    The bird flu confirmation is the first in Indiana since the start of September, the state said in a news release. On Sept. 1, more than 260 birds in a hobby flock in Elkhart County tested positive for the virus...


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                      Martin Co. commercial farm depopulated
                      by: Brandyn Benter
                      Posted: Dec 14, 2022 / 11:36 AM EST
                      Updated: Dec 14, 2022 / 12:08 PM EST

                      *Editors Note: The Indiana BOAH initially listed this flock as being located in Daviess County. The board has since issued a correction, that the flock was located in Martin County. The story has been updated to reflect this change.

                      MARTIN COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Another 27,000 birds have been culled to prevent the possible spread of bird flu among commercial turkey populations in the Wabash Valley.

                      According to the Indiana State Board of Animal Health, the flock was determined to be at high risk for exposure to Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (H5N1), commonly called bird flu.

                      Earlier this week another flock of 11,394 turkeys was depopulated in Daviess County after a number of turkeys tested presumptive positive for bird flu. The USDA National Veterinary Services Laboratory later confirmed the diagnosis of the H5N1 virus in the initial flock. According to officials, this new flock from Martin County was located on a production site that is associated with the original flock that tested positive.

                      Due to the risk of disease spread, the 27,083 birds located at this second site were depopulated and the property has been quarantined.

                      The first case of H5N1 since 2016 was confirmed in Indiana on Feb. 9 of this year in a flock in Dubois County. To date, 11 commercial flocks have been affected by the spread of bird flu this year with five non-commercial flocks affected as well. 210,210 commercial turkeys have been depopulated as a result, with 17,703 commercial ducks also culled...