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Politics, Friendship, and the Search for Meaning

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  • Politics, Friendship, and the Search for Meaning


    Politics, Friendship, and the Search for Meaning
    Reclaiming the intrinsic in an extrinsic world.
    David Corey November 3, 2022

    All around us, friendships old and new are coming to grief over politics. What is the cause of this? Part of the problem relates to how we practice politics today: we have become more warlike and tribal. Another part of the problem stems from our contemporary understanding of friendship. Genuine friendship places weighty demands on us, and most of us prefer relationships that are quicker and easier, and thus less enduring.

    Politics and friendship are deeply connected. As strange as it sounds, how we understand what politics is has an effect on the kinds of friendships we are likely to enjoy. And, conversely, how we understand friendship will affect our practice of politics.

    What exactly is the connection between politics and friendship, and how should we assess the relative value of each when they come into conflict?...