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Banks ban anti-flu masks

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  • Banks ban anti-flu masks

    Banks ban anti-flu masks

    Last Update: 9/17 9:09 pm

    Banks in Santa Cruz, Bolivia have banned customers from wearing masks on its premises, in a bid to curb an epidemic of robberies by people who are taking advantage of swine flu fears and using masks to hide their faces.

    The move came after a robbery where five people wearing masks commonly used to protect from the H1N1 virus robbed a bank in broad daylight.

    Staff will be the only ones allowed to wear masks.

    Ask Congress to Investigate COVID Origins and Government Response to Pandemic.

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    Re: Banks ban anti-flu masks

    This is certainly a concern for banks everywhere. In the USA, banks have traditionally banned masks of all kinds, particularly around Halloween. I do not believe I have seen any other policy statements from banks regarding flu masks.


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      Re: Banks ban anti-flu masks

      Actually, I like that idea. Since the masks are no good for stopping H1N1 (in the general public), that is two good uses for all the stockpiled masks:

      1. Use them on Halloween and dress up as an H1N1 (or H5N1 patient).
      2. Use them to hide your face when you rob a bank.