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Three children die of a strange disease in Malambo, Atl?ntico

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  • Three children die of a strange disease in Malambo, Atl?ntico
    Spanish to English translation

    Another child died the victim of a strange disease in Malambo, Atl?ntico
    Caracol | June 8, 2011
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    The lower Eiler Enrique Arrieta, three years, became another victim of the strange disease that has left three children dead, including two brothers, in poor neighborhoods of the municipality of Malambo in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barranquilla.

    According to relatives, the child had fever and abdominal pain for which he was transferred to the Malambo Local Hospital where he was prescribed medication and sent home in the neighborhood Gladiator.

    However, the boy continued with high temperatures and was taken to the emergency of Nazareth Hospital in Barranquilla, but never reached alive.

    A sister of the child is also hospitalized with similar symptoms.

    Eight days ago the brothers died and Jhon Jhon Brayan David Pantoja, six and four years, residents in the neighborhood of Villa Esperanza.
    The inhabitants of this area is marginal fear an epidemic because there are six more children with these symptoms and requested intervention by the health authorities.

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    Re: Another child died the victim of a strange disease in Malambo, Atl?ntico

    Spanish to English translation

    Local07 June 2011 - 11:31 pm
    Malambo another child dies of unknown causes

    On the street 11, No. 6Sur-43 resided in the neighborhood Gladiator Eiler Enrique Arrieta. Eiler Enrique Arrieta, three years, resident in the neighborhood The Gladiator, Malambo, is the third victim of a disease that even the health authorities have failed to decipher Department.

    On June 5 fever and abdominal pain and their parents, Ines Otero and Donaldo Arrieta, I rushed to the Hospital of Malambo. There was prescribed medication to lower fever and sent home. But the boy continued with fever and his mother was bathing him and lowered his mouth and so it was until yesterday at four o'clock when the emergency was again the Nazareth Hospital in Barranquilla, but according to his brother Dorian Ferley , little did not reach alive.

    His sister also is hospitalized with similar symptoms.

    Last week the brothers were killed John David and John Brayan Pantoja, 6 and 4 years respectively, who lived in the neighborhood of Villa Esperanza.

    The local residents expressed fears that this is an epidemic, since there are six children with the same symptoms and call attention to the health authorities.

    Rocio Gamarra, Secretary of Health Department, said that samples of the above cases for both dengue and leptospira were negative. "Right now we have no clear diagnosis, we are thinking that they can be health conditions. Clinically, one would suspect that it may be a bacterium sanitary conditions, but we have no diagnosis. "

    Said he is still waiting for liver biopsy was performed the first child who died.

    By Leonor de la Cruz


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      Re: Another child died the victim of a strange disease in Malambo, Atl?ntico

      From four days ago:

      Spanish to English translation

      Two children died of undetermined disease Malambo, Atl?nticoCaracol | June 3, 2011
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      Two children of one family in Malambo, Atl?ntico died from a disease that has not been determined by health authorities.

      The first child of five years died on 31 May and the second of seven years died on the morning of Friday.

      According to the report of the Secretary of Health of the Atlantic, Rocio Gamarra, the first diagnostic impression attributed the symptoms of hemorrhagic dengue less than one, but come on the studies needed to establish whether it was from this disease or leptospirosis.

      Confirmed that in both cases the children additionally recorded a high incidence of malnutrition.
      Other two children under 9 and 10 years old from the same family are being held in the ESE Cari high complexity with high fever.

      Health authorities began the epidemiological control in the neighborhood of Villa Esperanza de Malambo where the family lives of the children died


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        Re: Another child died the victim of a strange disease in Malambo, Atl?ntico

        The local residents Villa Esperanza said they suddenly worsened children. Candida Aguirre was staring between the neighbors that attended yesterday, while facing the second, devastating blow of the week. Their two children, John David and John Brayan died of a disease that doctors still have not deciphered.

        The community of Villa Esperanza neighborhood in Malambo (formerly an invasion) believes that the children died in such a short time by dengue or leptospirosis.

        At the end of last week, had high fevers, vomiting and diarrhea, symptoms that his parents, Luis Carlos Pantoja Marquez and Candida Sosa Aguirre, associated with viruses.

        John David, who was turning seven years on 26 June was the first to die on Tuesday. That same day they took away the old John Brayan for Campbell Clinic, where he was without vital signs Thursday.

        The two eldest sons of the couple, Luis Eduardo, eleven years, and Luis Carlos, nine, were taken to University Hospital Carl highly complex to be examined.

        Residents of Villa Esperanza say that for over a year not seen the pest control and fumigation crews in the field "have to mishaps happen to pay attention to the people," said the father of the children gasped.

        Speaking to The Herald, the Health Department secretary, Rocio Gamarra, said the two brothers "will be tested for dengue and leptospirosis, which is the first symptom that you think about these things, sudden, and both are negative ".

        "These children, he added, had symptoms that will not be consistent with dengue hemorrhagic fever or the classical dengue. In the first case, John David, also took a sample of liver tissue, which is currently at the National Institute of Health to actually verify what was the cause of death and discarding the two initial conditions. "

        Unofficially revealed no evidence of a blood culture was performed at the lowest and is handling the hypothesis of Escherichia coli.

        By Daniel Lugo Escorcia


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          Re: Three children die of a strange disease in Malambo, Atl?ntico

          The list of possible suspects here is quite long, ranging from meningitis, to hepatitis, to various forms of diarrheal illness (including E. coli). H1N1, while unlikely due to lack of mention of respiratory symptoms, is also still possible, IMO.

          The fact that in both cases, several children from one family were affected, but not the parents, might be a clue.

          I believe this outbreak is in Colombia, not Chile.

          Spanish to English translation

          Health summit to discuss cases of child deaths in Malambo, Atlántico
          | Share | 9:04 a.m. 0 comment (s) | 0.Por: RCN BARRANQUILLA
          The most recent death was that of a child under three years, according to doctors, high fever and abdominal pain as the two previous cases.

          The director of the Child Jesus Hospital, David Pelaez, said that "pediatricians and epidemiologists have gathered seeking to know what caused the death of three children, in less than a week, in the municipality of Malambo, Atlántico.
          "The most important warning sign is fever with deteriorating very fast. Are children who abruptly got bad, "said the doctor.
          Dr. Pelaez called on parents to "not self medicate their children. "
          "People should understand that they should seek medical supervision, " said the director of the Infant Jesus Hospital.
          Last week two brothers, six and four years, residents in the neighborhood of Villa Esperanza, Malambo, Atlántico, died of unknown causes at the moment. The third victim lived in the neighborhood Gladiator the same municipality.


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            Re: Three children die of a strange disease in Malambo, Atl?ntico


            Spanish to English translation

            Local08 June 2011 - 10:29 pm
            Not yet established the cause of death of three children in Malambo

            Under these conditions Pantoja Aguirre family lived in the neighborhood of Villa Esperanza Malambo. Related Resources
            Another child dies in Malambo desconocidasLa causes death of three children in Malambo on alert health authorities of the Department who have not been able to determine which was the disease that ended his life.

            The health secretary of the Department, Rocio Gamarra, said: "We study to know what are the causes of death of two brothers Pantoja, but the conditions under which they lived were subhuman."

            The neighbors are seeking support to build a Aguirre Pantoja family rooms for two other children, because their house in the neighborhood of Villa Esperanza does not have the best conditions for a family alive. The house is of wood, floor and roof of zinc and plastic. Also because of the rain lost their belongings.

            Since John died his sons David and John Bray moved to the house of a relative, but the father Luis Carlos Pantoja has not been back to work (selling donuts) because they ran out of resources because of the tragedy. "With $ 50 billion I would restart the sale, but right now I have no capital. I know I must continue working to push through my remaining children. "

            In the same situation is the Otero family in the neighborhood Arrieta Gladiator because your home does not have built it despite already paid the subsidy and for a year on loan allotted a house that only has room for all family members, there were six.

            Yesterday's coffin lay in state at Eiler Henry was the room of your house and 5 pm was buried in the cemetery of Malambo.

            His mother cried uncontrollably In?s death of his son, but it is also worry about the health of his daughter Michelle, age 5, who is admitted to the Hospital Cari because it has the same symptoms of Eiler.

            Three other children, neighbors of the sector, the brothers Paul and Ivan Mercado, 3 and 5 years respectively, and his cousin Jesus Villalba, 6 years, were also rushed to hospital with high fever Malambo

            The community is alarmed at this outbreak may become epidemic. Today will be a brigade of Environmental Health by the Undersecretariat of Public Health Department in Villa Esperanza and La Luna in Malambo to give continuity to the actions for the improvement of environmental conditions of its inhabitants.

            In the living room of his house in the neighborhood of Malambo Gladiator was veiled Eiler. His brother Dililson Dorian cries.

            INS has the last word

            At the University Hospital Carl was a Medical-Epidemiological Board that after reviewing the clinical data for all deaths of children in Malambo, felt that the clinical picture presented, although not characteristic of a specific disease, including within the differential diagnosis of viral infectious processes leading to bacterial or sepsis (generalized infection) and outcome for all known.

            Although laboratory studies have not confirmed diseases such as Dengue and Leptospirosis, is the National Institute of Health that ultimately confirm the specific cause of the deaths, which are expected today.

            By Leonor de la Cruz


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              Re: Three children die of a strange disease in Malambo, Atl?ntico

              Much less clear than before...

              The other hospitalized children may or may not be related to this apparent outbreak.


              Spanish to English translation

              Local09 June, 2011 - 8:56 pm
              Dengue and leptospirosis rule [out] in death of siblings Pantoja

              The brothers John David and John Brayan Pantoja Aguirre, who is still not known why he died. The result of examinations performed on tissues of the brothers John David and John Brayan Aguirre Pantoja, who died recently, said it was not leptospirosis or dengue. With opinion still open the mystery of the disease that ended.

              The National Institute of Health underwent serology studies tissues of children and found no traces of disease. The entity also liver samples were taken that had the same results.

              "Now we have to do studies with fevers, and all bacteria and viruses that are in the industry," said Secretary of Health of the Atlantic, Rocio Gamarra.

              To continue with the studies being conducted by the departmental agency will come from the Ministry of Social Protection and the National Institutes of Health.

              "We must clarify that the three children who died had a high level of malnutrition. This aspect coupled with the lack of culture in health were strong in the loss of lives, because they exacerbated the pathology that had the lowest, "said Gamarra.

              Regarding Eiler Otero Enrique Arrieta, the third child died on Tuesday June 7, still do not have the results of their examinations. Gamarra said that by Tuesday the opinion will be in power.

              Eiler's sister was discharged yesterday, but [left] under medical care [in case she] had symptoms.

              The infectious Alvaro Villanueva says it is necessary to take the city a state-funded laboratory in which to study these cases. "The government should fund a laboratory to analyze and begin a categorization of the diseases that occur for no known reasons," he said.

              Villanueva said that when it was part of the departmental administration presented the proposal for the lab, but his idea did not resonate.

              By Daniel Escorcia Lugo / daniel.escorcia @


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                Re: Three children die of a strange disease in Malambo, Atl?ntico


                Spanish to English translation

                Deaths of children light up Atlantic alarms authorities
                By: BARRANQUILLA | 9:13 a.m. | June 9, 2011

                The case has been registered in the municipality of Malambo. Friday handed over medical outcomes.
                In addition to this there are 6 more with the same symptoms (high fever and abdominal pain) under medical observation.

                The worrying thing is that you have set up the real causes of death, according to the report given by Secretary of Health of the Department, Rocio Gamarra. "We do not have a clear diagnosis," said the official.

                The first deaths were last week, two brothers ages 4 and 6, respectively, whose family lives in the depressed sector of Villa Esperanza. And the third was that of a child 3 years in the neighborhood early Tuesday in El Gladiador.

                Gamarra said they are awaiting the diagnosis of liver biopsy practiced one of the first children died, but is anticipated to rule [out] that the case of dengue or leptospirosis hermorr?gico as previously believed.

                Meanwhile, Secretary of Social Management, Carlos Vence, referred to in neighborhoods that have been submitted cases, have been conducting nutritional programs, ruling that it is due to the effects of malnutrition, according to statements given local media.

                However, in the case of Villa Esperanza, recognized that sanitary conditions are not the best.

                "We can say that it is a neighborhood that is in the subnormal, which has no collection of solid waste and that they do that sanitary conditions are the most appropriate."

                Municipal Administration said it has not been neglected attention to the vulnerable population.

                "If there is an intervention, we have the Red States. We have 22 social co-managers making family plans with 4,443 families, leading them to overcome poverty. We are at the stage of family support. Today the town has a 96 percent coverage health, "the official said.

                He said to wait the real causes of death of children.

                For its part, Emilia Montalvo, director of the Atlantic Colombian Family Welfare Institute, said he ordered a psychosocial support to affected families.

                Similarly, it is awaiting the results of medical tests to establish the cause of death of children.


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                  Re: Three children die of a strange disease in Malambo, Atl?ntico

                  A very interesting possibility. Hepatitis is definitely on the list of suspects.

                  The incident described below is the discovery of the Hepatitis D virus.


                  Spanish to English translation

                  Columnistas13 June, 2011 - 7:07 pm
                  Children of Soledad and Malambo

                  For many years, and perhaps from when the man came to the underworld, many people have died after a fever associated with it, for signs of bleeding that can quickly destroy our lives.

                  In the early years of my career I had to witness the deaths mainly among children, like Juanita, a 6-year-old, brought by relatives of the missing San Juan de Dios Hospital in Santa Marta, who had a fever around 40 º C.

                  When it arrived it was confused, disoriented, his father said he does not seem to recognize him, irritable, and received no food. The girl was brought on foot, but after a couple of hours her breathing was difficult and could not breathe, felt sleepy, with obvious bleeding in the skin and mouth. Died within 24 hours, despite the efforts. The diagnosis was unknown and, worse, there were more cases all came from two small towns of the banana.

                  I traveled to Bogota to the National Institute of Health is the idea that clinical and histopathological analysis (autopsy) it was a severe liver failure, associated for the first time a serological marker of hepatitis B, which was possible in Santa Marta, thanks to a team left in the terminal was handed to Santa Marta San Juan de Dios Hospital, after multiple requests.

                  Simultaneously, on the border with Venezuela also an indigenous population had been affected and more than 10 of the tribe had died Yucpa. A scientific breakthrough we clarified the etiology of the cases: Dr. Mario Rizzetto discovered a new virus in Italy, which called Delta. To make a long story, the case of the banana were confirmed by the Center for Infectious Disease Control in Atlanta, United States, CDC, Delta caused by the virus, which christened the Dr. Bernardo Buitrago Inas's hepatologist as fulminant hepatitis of the Sierra Nevada.

                  This study was accepted into the School of Medicine, Harvard University, to continue the investigation, ending with the presentation in London the largest number of cases studied clinical, epidemiological and histopathological, and thereby confirmed the presence of Delta virus in South America.

                  With pain, this case reminds us of Soledad and Malambo children, although diagnosis may be different. The Soledad and Malambo children should be investigated urgently, and the respective authorities should already be in Barranquilla, as was done years ago, and that despite the years and with the continued centralization of resources in the Caribbean region do not have the sufficient infrastructure to do so, many diagnoses should be referred, before confirming the exact cause, to make decisions and management. The response of local health authorities have been appropriate, but not enough.

                  General measures urgently to consider are: seek medical attention at health centers closest reference when febrile manifestations, especially with no known cause and show rapid progress in children or adults weakened. Improve hygiene health, well-cooked foods, wash hands and avoid overcrowding.

                  Antipyretic use physical means, and only acetaminophen, any other class of drugs for fever, and keep patients hydrated.

                  Together with the local authorities have called on the Caribbean region to participate on Thursday in the ESE Cari on an analysis of the situation, for which we also hope to have the national authorities, and try to define the behaviors of these cases unfortunate.

                  By Alvaro Villanueva, MD.



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                    Re: Three children die of a strange disease in Malambo, Atl?ntico

                    Even less clear; dengue may not yet been excluded after all.


                    Spanish to English translation

                    Local17 June 2011 - 11:55 pm
                    Health Observatory ask for studies of diseases unknown

                    Alvaro Villanueva The doctor said that environmental conditions influence the diagnoses are made. Amid the committee organized by the University Hospital Carl, Secretary of Health Department, Rocio Gamarra, said the study on the deaths of children in Soledad and Malambo participated infectologists, general practitioners, pediatricians and public health professionals.

                    In the medical research, we studied four cases. Three were in Malambo and one in Soledad, occurred in the last two weeks
                    "It has been determined that the first two reported cases, according to preliminary analysis, were not due to dengue. The studies were performed by serology and pathology, through the liver biopsies taken, "said Gamarra.

                    The third case, serology, the results showed positive for dengue but, as indicated by the Secretary, the sample generated for the liver biopsy was not enough for the National Health Institute could confirm or refute the diagnosis.

                    On the case of the girl of 7 months of Solitude "was completely ruled out the reasons why the girl died of dengue have been," said Rocio Gamarra and said it will continue to seek appropriate testing done on these deaths.

                    "The doctor Alvaro Villanueva presented a major concern and the risk factors for the evolution of the seriousness of these diseases. The patients' age, socioeconomic conditions, lack of water and sewerage, the presence of animals and insects are important risk factors to consider as we are talking severe febrile syndrome and left without a definitive diagnosis for failing to meet conditions from the environmental point of view, "he said.

                    He added that if those conditions of life are not taken into account, "will lead to a severe case without a diagnosis because it is so explosive and fast the disease progresses there is no time to make a definitive diagnosis."

                    The manager of the University Hospital Carl, Ramon Quintero said that this problem is given by the lack of promotion and prevention, "and this emphasis needs to be done that is a subject on which we depend for our population and the different EPS."

                    "Of the three deceased children do not have a confirmatory diagnosis. So we are leading this process in the Hospital and asked for a public health observatory for the results to be more agile and timely without sending additional tests other than those made to the Department of Public Health National Institute of Health, "concluded Quintero .