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    A free downloadable spreadsheet program for food storage. I personally have not used it, so reviews from anyone who tries it would be appreciated.
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    keeping track of food storage

    I had read some posts about software that helps you keep track of food storage but it was kinda expensive and the free download needed spreadsheet software which I don't have, but I found a wonderful website that's really helped me, and it's free for a basic membership:
    I don't know if somebody already did a thread about it, I was just excited and wanted to share! I've been inputting my inventory, I had more that I realized but I also need more than I would ever guessed!


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      Re: keeping track of food storage

      Here is the link to free spreadsheet software and online sites for food planning.

      Under Food Planning Software the files are Deyo US Version or Deyo Metric version. (They are in Zipped format). If you don't have spreadsheet software on your computer you can get OpenOffice which is a free open-source office suite program and will open .doc and .xls programs. The link and more discussion of this software can be found at:

      free office suite is a multiplatform and multilingual office suite and an open-source project. Compatible with all other major office suites, the product is free to download, use, and distribute. To help build the community, join us.

      download page:

      Note: It is a large download file and you will need a high speed connection or you can order the CD-ROM version for less than $10 handling and duplication charges in the US. CD-ROM can be purchased in other countries as well.


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        Re: keeping track of food storage

        That's great, thank you!


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          Re: keeping track of food storage

          Computers are wonderful tools, but during a pandemic when power may be spotty in areas or have to be self provided and fuel may be limited. For these reasons I have decided to let technology take a giant step backwards. I use a note book, not the electronic type. Just a simple 3 ring binder with paper in it to jot down what is in stock, what we need more of and also the "wish list" of things we'd like to have. If I see a great idea on flutrackers (happens often!) it can be jotted down for consideration.
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            Re: keeping track of food storage

            I've tried it both ways over the past 4 years. At first I did it with paper and pencil; that was OK but then I found out that I often wanted to insert new data between the lines and I couldn't. Also, I kept track of how many servings and how many calories each container provided, then added them all up to make sure I had enough supplies for the months that we were preparing for. It proved to be really a stretch to keep up with all the arithmetic. Every time I used a can or added something to our pantry, I had to erase the sums. The details were driving me nuts.

            Then our son showed us how to make a computer spreadsheet. Amazingly, the computer can add up the numbers for servings and calories in the blink of an eye, and now I can insert new supplies between the lines (for ex., if we add a new kind of canned meat to the meats section of the list). I like this system best.

            Because of the worry about losing the data due to computer malfunction one of these days, or the grid going down, I do a printout every couple of months so that I have a paper copy.

            This is just my way of trying to deal with the logistics. Maybe it will work for someone else, I don't know.

            Best wishes to all.


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              Re: keeping track of food storage

              Originally posted by homestead View Post
              . . . .
              Because of the worry about losing the data due to computer malfunction one of these days, or the grid going down, I do a printout every couple of months so that I have a paper copy. . . .
              This is a good idea and bears repeating. You should have a hard copy printout of any data from your computer that you might need during a pandemic. In the event that power goes down or the internet slows to a crawl, you will still be able to access the information. If you have prep pages and links to sheltering in place, water purification, home heating, home health care, etc., it is important that you make printouts now and store the information in a safe place.