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  • Storytellin'

    Children love to hear whoppers. I've entertained my kids and others with my own tales...they sure will look forward to them around candle light when the close of the day draws near, and there's no television or radio to entertain them.

    Every child like to hear vignettes of their life from the perspective of their parents. They're also teachable moments to share with them life lessons or glimpses of Spirituality.

    In the past, I've had my most memorable camcorder moments by asking a relative to relate some of their past adventures. Those moments are gold to my kids and to the rest of us. They always wanted to watch them around the holidays.

    If you're not skilled in relating your own tales, there's always lots of places to draw from: Greek myths, fairy tales, cultural stories. Add to your library now, so you'll have a way to entertain when the lights go out.