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Mexico - Yucatan: Child died from influenza, 37 deaths due to atypical influenza outbreak

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  • Mexico - Yucatan: Child died from influenza, 37 deaths due to atypical influenza outbreak

    MÉRIDA.- The outbreak of influenza in Yucatan today claimed its fifth victim, unofficially. Around noon, an 18-month-old boy who was hospitalized in a private clinic in Mérida for 25 days, with the diagnosis of influenza, died. The infant, originally from Progreso, was found to be in an induced coma, and despite the efforts of the doctors and the treatment they gave him, he did not resist and died. - Gabino Tzec Valle
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    There are 29 deaths due to atypical influenza outbreak in Yucatan

    MERIDA, YUC. (Apro) .- The State Health Council revealed that at the end of the epidemiological week 29, the "atypical outbreak" of influenza has left 29 dead in Yucatán and 170 confirmed cases of that disease. During the first extraordinary session of the State Health Council, the Secretary of Government, Martha Góngora Sánchez, said that the campaign to disseminate preventive measures was intensified, since the participation of the citizens is required to contain the contingency. "By way of foresight, we are increasing the inputs and the capacity of personnel so that the population is attended to in a timely manner," he said. On the other hand, the Secretary of Health, Jorge Mendoza Mézquita, explained that, due to the climatic conditions marked by the rainy season, an "atypical outbreak" of influenza emerged.


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      Influenza at 'discretion' in Yucatán: official of the AFI died from victim of A H1N1

      The high temperatures of the canícula and the absence of rain as a result of what is also known as "veranillo", have not been enough to stop the cases of influenza that hit Yucatán for several weeks. The AH1N1 is a virus that does not respect race, color, profession or social status, and the death of an agent of the Federal Investigation Agency pays it. "He always won his battles, but he won bronco pneumonia and influenza," wrote the friends of Officer Erick Granados Camarillo, who died Friday night at the Issste Regional Hospital. A few hours before that same Friday, the Ministry of Health of Yucatan (SSY) reported that there were 12 deaths by AH1N1 in Yucatan, to which the official Granados Camarillo joins, who is ignored if it will be considered within the statistics that manages the dependence.


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        Influenza H1N1 in Mexico. Should we be worried?

        However, the H1N1 is surfacing again in Mexico and there have been dozens of cases in the State of Quintana Roo and 3 reported deaths. However, the influenza virus does not cause the same amount of alarm as it did in the past due to better care, diagnosis and management offered by the health sector. One of the individuals who was in the trenches at the time of the outbreak in Belize was Dr. Marvin Manzanero. Dr. Manzanero currently serves as the Director of Health Services and Love News asked him if we should be concerned about the cases in Mexico.



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          Confirm 27 deaths due to influenza in Yucatan; will place filters in schools

          The head of the Ministry of Health of Yucatan (SSY), Jorge Eduardo Mendoza Mézquita, announced that until the epidemiological week number 32, there are 294 confirmed cases of influenza, with a cumulative total of 27 deaths and two thousand 69 probable cases catered.

          He stressed that in the last week there have been no deaths due to this disease; He added that, as part of the strategy for the next winter season, vaccination will be weighed, mainly by the vulnerable population, which includes children under six years of age, adults over 60, pregnant women and health personnel. Other people with priority for vaccines are those who suffer from uncontrolled diabetes, severe obesity, severe respiratory or heart disease, HIV and cancer.


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            37 deaths from influenza

            The influenza season in Mexico has already 782 cases and 66 deaths throughout the country, according to the figures of the Epidemiology General Directorate of the Ministry of Health, most of them in Yucatan. The states of the Mexican Republic with the highest number of cases and deaths are: Yucatán Quintana Roo Campeche Veracruz Tabasco Only in Yucatan 56 percent of the deaths have been presented, also the federal entity has the first place in confirmed and confirmed cases. The majority of confirmed cases of influenza in Mexico have occurred in children from 1 to 9 years of age and from 30 to 49 years of age.