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H2N3 seasonal influenza cases rebound

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  • H2N3 seasonal influenza cases rebound

    Mientras en Tlaxcala se registró el primer caso de Influenza H1N1 en 2011, en Torreón la estadística se mantiene en cero. A la fecha, la Jurisdicción Sanitaria VI sólo reporta personas enfermas de Influenza Estacional y H2N3.De acuerdo con la Jurisdicción Sanitaria VI, en la actualidad hay…

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    H2N3 Influenza cases rebound
    While in Tlaxcala is the first case of H1N1 influenza in 2011, in Torreon statistics is kept at zero. To date, the Sanitary Jurisdiction VI reports only people suffering from seasonal flu and H2N3.

    Disease. The rise in cases of this disease corresponds to virus A H2N3, a subtype of influenza A.
    According to the Sanitary Jurisdiction VI, currently there are different types of influenza: avian, seasonal and pandemic influenza.

    AH1N1 influenza (pandemic) is a new virus. It is also an acute respiratory illness and symptoms develop suddenly and intense fever above 38 degrees or higher, headache, muscle and joint pain, malaise and weakness (when you can not lift), cough , runny nose, itchy eyes, sore throat, and diarrhea may occur.

    Seasonal influenza is an acute, highly contagious viral disease that occurs with greater intensity during the months of October through May. Influenza is a disease caused by virus A, B and C influenza.

    Today, the rise of cases of this disease corresponds to virus A H2N3, a subtype of influenza A. The clinical picture of H2N3 virus does not represent the level of concern that influenza type A H1N1 pandemic.

    The disease affects all age groups, predominantly in those under 40 years and tables characterized by cough, fever, headache, malaise, runny nose, sore muscles and bones as well as pain throat. For its part, the virus causes disease C very light and does not cause outbreaks or epidemics.

    The influenza vaccine is trivalent jurisdiction applies because it includes the influenza A (H1N1)-like pandemic, H2N3 and B, and there are ten thousand doses currently available.

    → There are ten thousand doses.

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    Re: H2N3 Influenza cases rebound

    I assume the error is the reporter's an the flu in question is seasonal H3N2?


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      Re: H2N3 Influenza cases rebound

      My thoughts too...