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Cold mornings leave 3,000 with flu

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  • Cold mornings leave 3,000 with flu

    Spanish-Eng. Translation

    Cold mornings leave 3,000 with flu

    October 24, 2010 (14:27:37)
    - Of a thousand 200-3000 increased the number of patients

    Lupita Alvarez / EnL?neaDIRECTA

    Victoria, Tamaulipas .- The low temperatures begin to register during the morning and evening have led to acute respiratory infections. 8 thousand people to be sick in hot weather.
    Moses Aguilar Saldivar, Chief Sanitary District Number One reported that previously, in times more heat were treated at different health centers flu thousand 200 patients currently the figure stands at 3 thousand.
    "The trend is the increase in respiratory diseases, having an average of 2 thousand cases of acute breathing infections in the jurisdiction, we go up to two thousand, two thousand 500 and sometimes we get to 3 000 cases per week" ,
    The official from the Ministry of Health said that they have sufficient staff and medicines to meet the demand of the population they develop respiratory disease and for those who demand the vaccine against seasonal influenza and H1N1.
    He urged parents to adequately entertain children and people over 60 years and not go on the street but it is also necessary to eat foods such as fruits and vegetables and avoid being infected by the virus.
    Also considered necessary that parents bring their children to timely medical care if they have any health problems because, he said, many children receive care when the condition is very advanced.