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Cases of influenza have appeared in SLP

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  • Cases of influenza have appeared in SLP

    During the present winter day, there has registered a whole of 8 cases of influenza H1N1 and 4 of the Type "A" in the state, reported Jesús Méndez of the Lith, director of Political and Quality in Health.
    The state official recounted that from last year until the date, the Secretary of Health has worked of form coordinated with the diverse institutions of the Sector Health and of the Educational Sector in order to keep on strengthening the preventive measurements.
    Méndez of Lith recounted that from September of last year there were begun by the vaccination against the seasonal influenza the minor children of 23 months and the biggest adults, as well as to pregnant women or those persons by some respiratory chronic complaint, as asthma.
    “ A whole of 476 thousand 634 doses has been applied and the biological one will be kept on applying during the winter in all the Centers of Health ”, it expressed.
    The director of Political and Quality in Health discarded that the cases of influenza that have appeared in the last week, represent an important sprout, since “ the seasonal influenza is a part of the picture of respiratory common complaints in the population ”.

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    Re: Cases of influenza have appeared in SLP

    They confirm 12 cases of A-H1N1 in SLP

    They are had confirmed by the Secretary of Health, 12 cases of influenza A-H1N1 in San Luis Potosí, reported the General Secretary of Government, Cándido Ochoa Rojas.
    Nevertheless, he affirmed that all the cases are being attended by the dependency and one will give them the due pursuit, from what it exhorted the population to support the due precautions.
    Cándido Ochoa added that of all the confirmed cases, one detected to himself in City Vales, 4 in Soledad de Graciano Sánchez and the rest in the capital potosina.
    It discarded that it is a question of a pandemic. ' Also there exist medicines that fight the illness from what it is very difficult that deaths register, and by virtue of that most of the population has been already vaccinated and reduces the probability '.