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Queretaro registers 32 deaths from influenza

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  • Queretaro registers 32 deaths from influenza

    During January, the State recorded 119 cases of influenza, of which 15 resulted in deaths.In accordance with the latest report by the State Ministry of Health, from 1 to 31 January were reported 934 suspected cases of influenza, Of which 119 were confirmed and 93 of them corresponded to the type A H1N1. 'So far have recorded 15 deaths, 12 of these are for A H1N1 and 3 unspecified', detailed the unit. According to the report, in the cold this season have been applied 354 thousand 629 vaccines for the prevention of seasonal influenza, i.e. 92.3 percent of progress with respect to the goal set by the Health Sector. The Secretariat stressed the immunization of children from 6 months to 5 years of age, people older than 60 years of age, pregnant women, health personnel, people between 20 and 59 years of age who suffer from obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, HIV/AIDS or immunocompromised.

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    Re: Queretaro registers 15 deaths from influenza

    24 deaths from influenza in State

    According to the website of the federal Ministry of health,, Queretaro occupies seventh National place as the State with more deaths from seasonal flu, registering 24.Al last cut, dating back to February 8, amount of deaths in the State occurred: 17 cases are patients treated in the health sector and seven were treated at the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS); They are a total of 445 deaths in Mexico.In Queretaro, have been confirmed 158 positive cases of the influenza virus, which is equivalent to 4.18% of the cases at the national level, amounting to a total of 3 thousand 898 infections; This is the third highest curve since the appearance of the virus in 2009.


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      Re: Queretaro registers 24 deaths from influenza

      26 deceases in Quer?taro for influenza

      The secretary of Health in the state, Mario C?sar Garc?a Feregrino, said that they add 26 dead persons for influenza A (H1N1) in the entity, from what the period of vaccination will be extended against this viral illness.

      In interview, in the frame of the solemn ceremony owing to the Day of the Dentist, the official said that in spite of it, the serious cases of influenza lowered this week from 29 to 11.

      With regard to the application of the vaccine, it established that already there is had a coverage of more than 98 per cent and approximately four thousand doses stay, from what with the enlargement of the period it would be going over to 363 thousand applications.


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        Re: Queretaro registers 26 deaths from influenza

        In Queretaro the number of deaths from influenza increases to 30


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          Re: Queretaro registers 30 deaths from influenza

          Queretaro reported 32 deaths from influenza in the year

          The holder of the Secretary of Health, the state, Mario Cesar Garcia Feregrino reported that it has increased to 32 the number of deaths in the entity because of the influenza, of which 24 are of a(H1N1). Interviewed after the Seguro Popular in Queretaro received the ISO-9001, the state official i think that this is not a question of an alarming figure, since the vaccination campaign has met all their objectives. He said that of the 32 reported cases, 24 are of a(H1N1), two more by A(H3N3) and the rest has not been criminalized, while there are 211 positive cases in the state health services. The cases of patients with influenza A virus Iran to the low to the extent that it increases the environmental temperature and, therefore, they will be less cases of deaths.