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Mexico: 53 deaths due to influenza in Nuevo Leon

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  • Mexico: 53 deaths due to influenza in Nuevo Leon

    The current winter season registers 208 cases of influenza and 16 deaths, so that the Ministry of Health in Nuevo Leon, the IMSS and ISSSTE delegations, among other institutions in the sector, will strengthen vaccination actions against viral disease. State Health, Manuel de la O Cavazos, agreed with the IMSS delegate in the entity, Francisco Javier Mata Rojas, to promote among the beneficiaries the application of biological and prevent cases from continuing to rise. So far this winter, Which began last October, have reported 208 cases of influenza, of which 184 are AH1N1, said the official state. If the disease is not treated early, it can bring serious complications especially for patients who do not have the protection of the Biological, and suffering from some chronic uncontrolled disease, he insisted. He said that of the 16 people who died of influenza, most of them correspond to those who are entitled to the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).

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    26 deaths from influenza in the state

    Monterrey.- The State Health Department installed a module of vaccination against influenza in the Bus Center to prevent people who leave or arrive in the city to contract the disease. The previous one, after the state has presented a high number Of the 53 cases that have occurred in the country, 26 occurred in Nuevo Leon. The head of the dependence Manuel de la Cavazos said that this measure is part of the reinforcement of the campaign against this disease that has Caused in the state, so far this winter, 244 cases of influenza, of which 216 are AH1N1; Four of type AH3N2; Six of type A and 18 type B.


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      29 killed by influenza in NL

      MONTERREY, Feb. 3 (EL UNIVERSAL) .- The number of deaths from influenza in Nuevo León rose to 29, three more than last week, said the state health secretary, Manuel de la Cavazos, Said that the guidelines of governor Jaime Rodriguez will be maintained, in the sense of not paying advertising in the media, which in this case would be for a preventive information campaign. The official reported that while deaths rose from 26 to 29, Confirmed cases of the disease increased from 244 to 330, and considered that the number of deaths and influenza patients will tend to rise in the coming weeks, because their incidence coincides with the winter season, so it is expected that no There are new cases until the end of March although it is never known and could be prolonged until May.


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        Up to 49 killed by influenza in Nuevo Leon

        According to the report for the Epidemiological Surveillance of influenza 2017, in the epidemiological week seven, 131 deaths per country have been registered throughout the country. According to the document from the epidemiological week 40 of the year 2016 to date , A total of 1,628 influenza-positive cases were confirmed: 956 of A (H1N1), 320 of B, 181 of A (H3N2), and 171 of influenza A. There were 131 deaths due to influenza: 92 A (H1N1), 19 Influenza A, 17 of B and 3 of A (H3N2). It also points out that the entities with the highest number of cases confirmed to influenza during the 2016-2017 season are: Nuevo León (430), Querétaro (168), Mexico City 122), San Luis Potosí (107) and Coahuila (78); (49), Querétaro (12), Coahuila (8), Hidalgo (7), and Tabasco (6). In addition, the states with the highest number of influenza deaths are: Which together account for 62.6% of deaths from influenza.


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          Influenza deaths rise to 53 in NL

          Monterrey According to the general direction of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health at the federal level, in the week number 10 of this year was had in Nuevo Leon one more death because of influenza virus. With this, in the entity they add a total Of 53 deaths for this cause; That is, one more victim was taken during this week.