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About UNSIC and Dr. David Nabarro

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  • About UNSIC and Dr. David Nabarro

    About UNSIC and Dr. David Nabarro

    Dr. David Nabarro has been appointed as the UN System Influenza Coordinator. His tasks include developing and implementing a comprehensive unified strategy for the UN system on pandemic influenza prevention, preparedness and response and increase the effort to control avian influenza.

    The office will oversee the execution of this strategy and adapt the plan as the situation changes.

    Not only will the responsibility be to ascertain that all countries or regions have a preparedness strategy but also that they have a contingency or response plan that is well-rehearsed in the event of a pandemic.

    This involves supporting the resident coordinators at the country level and the Governments.

    These plans will be readily accessible on this website.

    The office will monitor progress and ensure that communication between the various UN agencies, Governments, and other donor agencies is efficient.

    One of the tasks will be to address the progress made in prevention, preparedness and response, and pursue those areas that still need attention at various international meetings.

    The responsibility includes supporting the effort to improve the availability of antiviral medications, vaccines for humans and poultry, and other essential protective equipment.

    The office will track the availability of funds needed for prevention and preparedness.

    In addition, the office will advocate for resource mobilization for response, at the national, regional and global level.

    An important task for the senior UN Coordinator will be to communicate efficiently with the media on a regular basis and brief them on key issues regarding the avian influenza.

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