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Turkey - Avian Flu Suspected in Wild Duck in Bursa

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  • Turkey - Avian Flu Suspected in Wild Duck in Bursa

    Bird infestation alarm in Bursa

    22 december 2016


    District Agriculture teams informed.
    In the neighborhood, a bird's eye was found. The teams that started collecting all the poultry in the Uluabat neighborhood are also taking measures to prevent the spread of the disease. It is suspected that the disease has migrated from migratory birds due to the fact that Uluabat, which is the name of the village, is on the shore and wild birds are on the migration route.

    Commenting on the issue, Uluabat District Minority Tufan Uğur said, 'We informed the authorities of the district directorate of agriculture on the death of a dock in our neighborhood, which is on the coast of Uluabat. The bird flu was found in the examination of the dead duck.

    Yesterday evening, the county agriculture teams came and gathered poultry in our neighborhood. Since our neighborhood is on the migration route of wild birds, bird birds were seen every year in this season. However, it is determined that bird flu is more contagious this year, and the doctors who came in from Bursa Halk Didact came to investigate. This evening the county agricultural teams will come to the neighborhood and inform the public. The ducks that citizens look at are fed by swimming in the lake.
    It is estimated that the disease has migrated from wild birds during the migration season, "he said.

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