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Palestine: Covid-19 Cases - 134 cases - 1 death

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  • Palestine: Covid-19 Cases - 134 cases - 1 death


    Palestine confirms 7 coronavirus cases in Bethlehem
    Health Ministry announced state of emergency in West Bank cities of Bethlehem, Jericho over suspected cases

    RAMALLAH, Palestine

    The Palestinian authorities confirmed on Thursday seven coronavirus cases in the occupied West Bank.

    Palestinian Health Minister Mai Al-Kaileh said in a press conference that seven Palestinians tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

    “The seven Palestinians are under quarantine,” she said.

    Al-Kaileh said that it was decided to activate the emergency plan in the governorates of Bethlehem and Jericho.

    Accordingly, all educational institutions and training centers in the Bethlehem Governorate will be closed for a period of 14 days.

    All mosques and churches, including Nativity church in Bethlehem, will also be closed for a fortnight, the period the virus takes to show symptoms...
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    The Palestinian Ministry of Health announces seven cases of Corona virus in Bethlehem

    Thursday 10/7/1441 AH corresponding to 05/03/2020 A.D.
    تغيير الخطكاليبريخط النسخ العربيتاهوماالكوفي العربيالأميريثابتشهرزادلطيف

    Bethlehem 10 Rajab 1441 AH corresponding to March 05, 2020 CE WAS
    The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced today the registration of the first seven new infections with the Corona virus in the city of Bethlehem in the south of the occupied West Bank.
    The Minister of Health, Mai Keila, explained in a press conference that the ministry confirmed the infection of 7 Palestinians with the Corona virus in Bethlehem, indicating that they are being treated in quarantine.
    // End // 23:31


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      9 more cases confirmed- total 16 cases:


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        Bethlehem under lockdown due to coronavirus
        7 Mar in 18:02

        The city of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank has been placed in lockdown after the first Palestinian cases of the new coronavirus were discovered there and authorities announced a state of emergency, Aljazeera reports...


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          ...The Palestinian Authority Health Ministry is reporting that 19 Palestinians have been infected with the virus, most likely via itneraction with a group of pilgrims from Greece who visited Bethlehem. The town is on lockdown and the PA is reportedly working with Israel to contain the virus...


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            Ministry of Health:

            Daily report on illness 19-Corona

            Last update: Saturday: 3/3/2020

            • Number of 38 cases diagnosed with illness in Palestine (37 in Bethlehem and 19 in tulkarm)

            • The health status of all people living with the disease is stable.

            “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
            Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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              As of Tuesday morning there were 39 cases of the virus in the West Bank, two in Tulkarem and the rest in Bethlehem. Bennett last week ordered the IDF and the Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) to impose a full closure on the city of Bethlehem in coordination with the Palestinian Authority. The closure on the city has been extended

              While there have been no cases reported yet in Gaza, the defense ministry said that the closure on the blockaded coastal enclave would continue until further notice. The Kerem Shalom crossing however will continue to work as usual, allowing for the continued transfer of goods into the impoverished Strip...


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                WHO EMRO - Occupied territory has 41:


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                  Three new coronavirus cases of students who returned to Palestine
                  Date 3/19/2020 2:35:56 PM
                  (MENAFN - Palestine News Network) PNN/ Ramallah/

                  The Palestinian government spokesman, Ibrahim Melhem, said today, Thursday, that the government may resort to taking tougher measures in light of the emergency because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

                  Melhem announced that three new infections with the Corona virus were recorded in Palestine, one of which was for a returnee from Egypt and was from Nablus governorate, and the other two cases of two students who returned from France to Ramallah, bringing the total of those infected in Palestine to 47...


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                    ... in Palestine, another person has tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the tally of confirmed patients to 48. The Ministry of Health in Palestine also reported 17 recoveries for the first time...


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                      WHO EMRO: 52 Cases; 17 Recovered:


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                        GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — The Palestinian Health Ministry announced the first two cases of the coronavirus in the Gaza Strip early Sunday.

                        The ministry said the cases were two people who returned recently from Pakistan. It said they had been moved to isolation at a hospital in Rafah, a city in the southern Gaza Strip.

                        The development added to fears of a potential o....


                        WHO EMRO - 59 cases; 17 recovered:
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                          COVID-19 Sparks Fear in Palestinian Enclave
                          By Jacob Wirtschafter
                          Updated March 25, 2020 07:00 AM

                          For a few short weeks, the people of Gaza had hoped that 13 years of tightly sealed borders with Israel and Egypt might somehow prevent the spread of COVID-19 into this Palestinian enclave of 2 million people.

                          “Some even joked that the Israeli blockade of Gaza protected it from the virus,” Raeed Redwan, a 25-year-old graduate student at Al-Azhar University, said. “But now the people are filled with fear.”

                          Redwan said the shift of feelings from immunity to vulnerability came Sunday after authorities announced that two men, aged 79 and 63, who returned to the strip from Pakistan via Egypt, tested positive for COVID-19 at a border quarantine station.

                          Authorities now count 59 cases of COVID-19 in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Israel has more than 1,440 confirmed cases...


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                            Palestine Reports First COVID-19 Death

                            Wednesday 1441/8/1 - 2020/03/25
                            Ramallah, March 25, 2020, SPA -- The Palestinian government announced the first death from the Coronavirus..In a statement, the government disclosed that the COVID-19 cases are 64.



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                              15 new COVID-19 cases confirmed in Palestine
                              3/26/2020 2:55:02 PM

                              (MENAFN) The overall figure of the COVID-19 cases in Palestine has risen to 86 as 15 more cases were reported on Thursday, according to a senior local official.

                              All the cases were confirmed in the village of Beddo to the northwest of Jerusalem, reporters cited the official for the Palestinian government, Ibrahim Melhem as saying in a press conference...