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​Bird flu threat escalates as virus mutates

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  • ​Bird flu threat escalates as virus mutates

    Bird flu threat escalates as virus mutates

    Thursday 2 July 2015 16:47

    Philip Clarke
    “Despite massive investment, there are still some key gaps in our knowledge,” according to Prof Ian Brown, head of virology at the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA).

    “We have endemic infection in six regions of the world – China, Vietnam, Indonesia, parts of India, Bangladesh and Egypt – where we can no longer track and monitor effectively the spread of this infection. We cannot bring it under control,” he told the Global Alliance for Research on Avian Diseases conference at King’s College, London, this week.
    “H5 HPAI is truly panzootic. It is continually changing. The virus continues to be ahead of us. It’s got creative in how it can persist and spread, and it has truly become endemic. Our prospects for immediate control are, unfortunately, bleak.”
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