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Has the flu come to Belarus already?

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  • Has the flu come to Belarus already?

    In Belarus about the first cases of a flu of a new season have started to speak last week, however laboratory any of them and has not been confirmed.
    Now desease SHOUT in the country is at not epidemic level and it is caused by circulation of not influenzal respiratory viruses.

    By results of patrol supervision from the investigated clinical samples from patients with symptoms SHOUT also to data of the lead diagnostic researches in a mode of actual time viruses of a flu And and In are not revealed.
    As Elena Fisenko has explained Naviny. By managing an epidemiological department of the Minsk city center of hygiene and эпидемиологии, it means, that the diagnosis of patients has been put by the doctor after visual inspection. In some cases the general blood sample was not spent even.
    ? In the mean time the diagnosis of a flu established clinically not always is authentic.
    For example, in one known to me a case when the flu has been clinically established, in actual fact the patient was ill with a bronchitis. Of the second suspect a pneumonia ?, ? has noted Фисенко.

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    Re: Has the flu come to Belarus already?

    According the latest Geographical Spread Indicator for Influenza-like Illness activity, Belarus reports Sporadic ILI activity as for October 21 2010 ( ):

    Other countries report increasing activity, among these:

    -- Armenia and Azerbaijan (sporadic);
    -- France and England (UK) (sporadic);
    -- Lithuania and Estonia (Sporadic);
    -- Russian Federation (sporadic, except for far east regions, reporting Local activity);
    -- All other regions and countries report no activity or not report.

    In addition for the Health Care Services Impact indicator, two Russian Federation regions report a Moderate impact.

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