Kineshma runs along the Volga river.

In Kineshma area detected in birds Newcastle disease

15:45 11.11.16

Quarantined. Specialists BSU IO " Kineshemskaya station to fight animal diseases " was selected by the blood of the pigeons captured in the village Pospeliha Lugovskogo rural settlement. The biomaterial was sent for examination to the " Center for Veterinary Medicine of the Ivanovo region ", which in turn in the study of blood serum antibodies to Newcastle disease.
Order Service of veterinary medicine of the Ivanovo region number 142-od from November 7, 2016, in the territory of the village Pospeliha Lugovskogo rural settlement Kineshma municipal district of the Ivanovo region announced quarantine. The introduction of restrictive measures in response to the epidemic that has infected the local population of pigeons.
- For a man, this is not the danger of infection, it can be very sick birds. The measures most economical, because for example 80% of the chickens with the disease suffer death, - said director of Kineshemets.RU stations to combat animal diseases Ivan Polonikov. Recall unknown epidemic struck repeatedly pigeons in the center of Kineshma - their dead carcasses were scattered around the city center.