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Italy: 5 cases of meningitis, 2 letal, in a month in Bergamo (near Iseo lake)

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  • Italy: 5 cases of meningitis, 2 letal, in a month in Bergamo (near Iseo lake)

    Fifth case of meningitis: a sixteen year old is very serious

    The alarm for the cases of meningitis in the Sebino does not seem to subside. After the recent tragic death of Marzia Colosio, 48 years old from Predore, on Saturday January 4th a new case: a sixteen year old from Castelli Calepio, always in the same area, was hospitalized in very serious conditions in the intensive care unit of the Pope John XXIII hospital in Bergamo.

    This is the fifth case of meningitis found in just over a month in the Bergamo area of ​​Sebino. A contagion that has already caused two victims: in addition to Marzia Colosio di Predore, at the beginning of December, a nineteen year old from Villongo, Veronica Cadei, had died of the disease. Region and Ats have already started an emergency 'cordon sanitaire' to vaccinate the population and to trace the causes of the infection, but the fear among people is more and more.

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    Panic meningitis, crowds at Sarnico Ats for vaccinations

    Bergamo, 4 January 2020 - Queues and crowds, this morning, at the Ats of Sarnico, a municipality in the province of Bergamo overlooking Lake Iseo, to get vaccinated against Meningococcus C, after the four cases of meningitis, with two deaths, found in the last month in the Basso Sebino.

    The population was literally panicked. The influx, which began at dawn, led the mayor, Giorgio Bertazzoli, to set up a municipal civil protection garrison tomorrow and Monday starting at 6 to avoid the 'various problems' encountered today. The presence of the Blue Cross of the Lower Sebino is also expected to distribute the numbers that will regulate the influx. The first citizen also reported on Facebook that he had asked for the opening of the room adjacent to the Ats of the Elderly Center to make people wait in the heat.


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      Meningitis in the Lower Sebino, Gallera: ?We will vaccinate students?

      Despite the race to vaccinate in the Sebino area - following the five cases of meningitis, two of which have been fatalities in the last month - there is no shortage of vaccines and the action to contain the outbreak is taking place promptly and widely . These are the main concepts reiterated by the regional councilor for Health Giulio Gallera (here his speech) after the closing of the summit convened on Sunday afternoon in the Prefecture in Bergamo.

      Great attention will be paid to high school students of the Lower Sebino (which includes 12 municipalities: Parzanica, Vigolo, Tavernola bergamasca, Predore, Adrara San Rocco, Adrara San Martino, Viadanica, Sarnico, Villongo, Vigolo, Gandolo, Credaro, Foresto Sparso) which will be reached, common by municipality, in the various schools, to undergo vaccination (as well as teachers and school staff). Therefore, schools are not closed.


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        Fifth case of meningococcal sepsis in the Bergamo area, yesterday a 16-year-old boy from Castelli Calepio was hospitalized in Pope John XXIII hospital in Bergamo in serious condition. In Castelli Calepio worked Marzia Colosio, the 48-year-old woman who died the other day at the Spedali Civili in Brescia for the same cause. Meanwhile in Sarnico (Bg) the population of the area is being vaccinated. In the afternoon summit in the Prefecture in Bergamo with all the mayors of the Lower Lake and also in the Val Calepio. Carpet vaccinations not only in the centers but also in the schools which, therefore, do not close. The establishment of a daily bulletin and a dedicated channel to share all the information they need first with the auditors. These are the main decisions.

        'Today I received the phone call from the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, whom I warmly thank - explained the Regional Councilor for Welfare Giulio Gallera - and who confirmed the total availability of the Government and its ministry to intervene where necessary. First of all, however, I thank our operators who, despite the holidays, with great professionalism, immediately made themselves available. On December 23, we had evidence of an anomalous situation; I remember that every year, in Lombardy, there are between 30 and 40 people who fall ill with meningitis. At the same time, I remember that 5-10% of the population is a healthy carrier. '

        Gallera therefore recalled that on 27 December two extraordinary centers were opened in Villongo and Sarnico so as to vaccinate all the residents of that territory. On January 2, then, there was another case of very aggressive meningitis C strain. “We therefore immediately expanded - continued Gallera - the health safety belt by offering vaccination free of charge to citizens up to 60 years of age and extending it not only to residents, but also to those who work permanently in the municipalities most exposed to the risk of infection. We then opened or are opening surgeries in Iseo, Paratico, Predore, Credaro and Gandosso and during the week we will also open in Castelli Calepio following an inspection that the ATS will carry out to verify the suitability of the premises made available by the municipal administration ' .


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          Meningitis: another case

          'A 71-year-old woman tested positive in the last few hours at Meningococco C. The patient, residing in Foresto Sparso (a town in the Bergamo area a few kilometers from Villongo), was hospitalized in the infectious disease department of the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo, fortunately in stable conditions, ATS of Bergamo has started prophylaxis procedures for family members and people who have been in close contact with her '. This was reported by the Councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region, Giulio Gallera. 'We vaccinated 45,000 people in the lower Sebino and Grumello area in just over a month - adds Gallera - equal to 65% of the expected target population up to 60 years of age. Scientific and epidemiological data attest that the greatest risks on Meningococcal C infections mainly involve this band. This is also confirmed by Lombardi data: in the last twenty years, people affected beyond this age limit have been only 93 out of a thousand more cases recorded. The new episode, fortunately not particularly serious, however, it leads us to extend coverage to all citizens, without any age limit '.