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China - "This year's flu is the fiercest in recent years, with a long duration and a wide area of ​​infection.." - Yangzhou, Jiangsu province - December 26, 2017

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  • China - "This year's flu is the fiercest in recent years, with a long duration and a wide area of ​​infection.." - Yangzhou, Jiangsu province - December 26, 2017

    Open late pediatric pediatric clinic was busy but this collection should be received

    Source: Yangzhou network - Yangzhou Times Author: 2017-12-26 09:51:46
    Dear parents of children: Hello! Since the winter, sick children surge, resulting in a long queue in our hospital emergency. Recently, our hospital pediatricians overworked overworked, exhausted, many doctors have been sick, I Although the hospital tried every means, but no resources for pediatricians can call. At present, our hospital has undertaken two thirds of children in urban areas emergency department, I urge you to understand the parents. The city opened a pediatric emergency hospital except our hospital , As well as the North Jiangsu Hospital, City MCH, City Hospital, friendly hospital, City Hospital, Oriental Hospital, parents can choose the nearest hospital for treatment to reduce the waiting time. Thank you for your understanding! "Recently, A hospital) a notice circulated in WeChat circle of friends, aroused the concern of the general public. After entering the winter, the major hospital door-to-door emergency department usher in the peak, resulting in the hospital issued such helpless notice.
      Reporter visits
      Pediatrics full covered
      There are more than a hundred emergency numbers
      Yesterday at 12 noon, the reporter saw at the Emergency Room on the first floor of the Eastern Hospital of Yangsan Hospital (a hospital in Yangzhou). The patients who came to consult the clinic wave after wave, and the registration window has long been plagued with "long dragons" with 20 Many people. Waiting area in the pediatric emergency room, with all eyes on, are parents waiting with their children.
      Around 2:20 p.m., the reporter saw that the pediatric emergency medical signboard reads: As of now, the pediatric emergency waiting number is 140. "In the afternoon, the pediatric number has been fully covered, had to hang the emergency department, I am more than a hundred, now the morning's number has not finished reading, it is estimated that wait until night to turn us, go home and sleep! Children stay awake at the hospital, "one of the awaiting mothers told reporters.
      In the pediatric emergency room, the attending physician Tung Man-hsin took a stethoscope for a 3-year-old boy to check. Just after checking out, another parent heard a trumpet and took the children in. There was no time for Dong to change his drink, All with a trot, go quickly back. "For weeks in a row, there are so many children almost every day, the most important for improving efficiency," Dong told reporters.
      Reporters then Subei Hospital, City MCH, City Hospital and other hospitals, also saw a similar situation, the hospital children's infusion room is almost "a hard to find."
      Early in the morning to register, noon to see the disease
      In the Yangshang Affiliated Hospital (Yangzhou First Hospital) Eastern Hospital children's transfusion room, the reporter found that spacious indoor chairs filled with people. Reporters stay in the infusion room for more than half an hour and found that the nurse hand did not stop, has been pounding pin.
      In the infusion room by the middle of the position, the reporter saw a little boy crying face flushed, his father grimacing funny children. During the interview, his father, Mr. Tour said he knew that the recent pediatric busy, he went to the hospital at 8 o'clock. "I was in front of a row of many parents at the time, finally ranked number, waiting for the area has been sitting a lot of people!" Mr. Tour said that it was not until the moment to see the sick, a family of three in a hurry After having had a lunch, he transplanted the child immediately.
      "From the registration, to wait until the experts see a doctor, and then infusion ... most of the time gone!" Seventies Chan grandmother with her granddaughter to see a doctor, she admitted that this season with children is not easy to see a doctor, just waiting in line for a few hours.
      During the interview, the reporter also learned that some parents made an appointment in App on the day before and took their children to see a doctor the next day. "However, after an appointment, or wait for more than an hour, but compared to other parents, I was lucky." Ms. Kwok who lives in the eastern part of a smile.
      Community clinics are rare sick child figure
      Very busy large hospitals, small hospitals near residential areas, community outpatient how? The reporter went to the community clinics near a village in the sand and saw some of the residents hanging water on the seats, mostly among middle-aged and elderly people, and they did not see the presence of children. In a community clinic on the well, the reporter saw more than 20 residents in consultation with the disease, infusion, of which only two children. "My child was caught in a cold, with a mild cold, without any problem. There was a hang of water at the door and a little medicine. There was no need to go to a large hospital." One parent said frankly that water was continuously **** here for two days and the children's condition improved .
      Dialogue experts
      Q: How much daily consultation?
      A: The busiest day 2000 people, mostly respiratory system disorders
      Yang Affiliated Hospital (Yangzhou First Hospital) pediatric chief physician Chen told reporters, "The peak of the child has lasted for more than a month, and now pediatric emergency every day are so busy!" Chen said the busiest day, pediatrics A total of 2000 clinics to attend the admissions of children.
      "Slightly less time, but also to take 1,500 visits to 1,800 children." Chen said the admissions of children, respiratory disease ranked first, for example, the recent virus more flu, the performance of playing Sneezing, stuffy nose, runny nose, cough, fever. "At the moment it is the peak of rotavirus infection, there are more children who have vomiting and diarrhea." Chen Xiao said.
      Maternal and Child Health Hospital, director of pediatric Zhang Kunming introduction, the current pediatric outpatient amount and hospitalization have appeared blowout, outpatient volume reached 700 a day or so, hospitalized children reached nearly 100 people. "In the past, the pediatric outpatient volume in our hospital was only over 300 a day, with only 58 hospital beds available."
      It is reported that currently there are five major virus rampant, namely, influenza virus, Norovirus, rotavirus, adenovirus, syncytial virus, influenza virus most likely to cause respiratory infections; Norovirus and rotavirus can cause vomiting in children And diarrhea, while adenovirus can cause diarrhea in children. Syncytial virus, it will cause children fever, bronchitis, pneumonia, myocarditis and so on.
      Q: Why are so many children more recently?
      A: The flu season, and the weather
      Chen Xiao analysis, on the one hand, this and the recent weather changes. Dry weather in winter, will stimulate the respiratory tract, leading to the human body to the outside world the resistance of the virus decreased, some time ago the weather is colder, the temperature has picked up these days, a cold and heat, weak immune children are particularly vulnerable to cold; the other It is also the popular season for influenza virus. Both have caused the current peak.
      "This year's flu is the fiercest in recent years, with a long duration and a wide area of ​​infection, which have not been experienced in recent years." The reporter interviewed pediatric experts from other hospitals and learned that with the opening of the second child policy, It is also a factor that has dramatically increased the number of outpatient and emergency department visits in pediatrics.