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China reinforces countermeasures as floods continue

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  • China reinforces countermeasures as floods continue


    China reinforces countermeasures as floods continue
    Xinhua, October 1, 2021

    Chinese authorities have taken stringent measures for flood control along the Yellow River, the country's second-longest, as the floods will likely last until mid-October, the Ministry of Water Resources said Thursday.

    The water flow along the Weihe River and Tongguan has reached 7,480 cubic meters per second, said the ministry. It added that social activities in the lower reaches of the Yellow River would be affected when water levels at the Huayuankou hydrology station rise to 5,000 cubic meters per second.

    Efforts should ensure the water flow at the Huayuankou hydrology station stays under the warning level of 4,900 cubic meters per second, the ministry said...

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    China Rains: Nearly 55,000 People Evacuated So Far in Shanxi Province, Level 3 Alert Issued After Heavy Rainfall Triggers Floods

    China - Xiaolangdi reservoir on the Yellow river is facing a "severe test" - October 10, 2021


    Shanxi's disease control department sent a team of experts to 11 cities to guide post-disaster epidemic prevention

    On October 10, in North Village, Yitang Town, Jiexiu City, Shanxi Province, the local villagers carried out self-rescue after the vegetable and fruit greenhouse was flooded. Photo by Wei Liang
    China News Service, Taiyuan, October 11 (Reporter Fan Lifang) On the 11th, the reporter learned from the Shanxi Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention that for post-disaster epidemic prevention work, the center deployed emergency response, infectious diseases, vector organisms, drinking water, food safety, and disinfection. More than 50 professionals, including 11 expert groups, went to 11 cities to supervise and guide post-disaster epidemic prevention and risk assessment work in the disaster-stricken areas.
    Recently, Shanxi has experienced continuous rainfall, which has caused floods such as landslides and mudslides in many places. With the end of large-scale rainfall, the disaster-stricken areas have successively entered the stage of recovery and reconstruction. Feng Lizhong, director of the Shanxi Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, emphasized that post-disaster epidemic prevention is the top priority of current work.

    On October 10, local villagers cleaned up water in Wenjiagou Village, Yitang Town, Jiexiu City, Shanxi Province. Photo by Wei Liang
    According to the work plan, the Shanxi Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention will carry out post-disaster related infectious disease risk assessments, activate a multi-point trigger mechanism in the disaster-affected area, closely monitor the incidence of local infectious disease reports, strengthen the analysis and judgment of epidemic monitoring data, and detect signs of infectious disease outbreaks in a timely manner , Make an early warning and report to the local health administration department.
    In terms of drinking water, focus on solving the problems of centralized water supply and drinking water safety in centralized settlements, protecting drinking water sources, and preventing water pollution caused by domestic garbage and domestic sewage; strengthening comprehensive environmental sanitation management, establishing water quality sanitation emergency monitoring, and The source water (raw water) and factory water of the water plant (water supply project) are monitored for microbial indicators and disinfectant indicators to ensure the safety of water supply after the disaster.
    Medical institutions at all levels should set up green channels for medical treatment, and spare no effort to treat the victims of the disaster; standardize the operation mechanism of various infectious disease clinics such as fever clinics and intestinal clinics; implement an infectious disease epidemic report system.

    On October 10, some houses along the Fen River in Yitang Town, Jiexiu City, Shanxi Province suffered floods. Photo by Wei Liang
    While doing a good job in the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, all localities must comprehensively investigate the epidemic areas, epidemic points, and vector breeding areas of the disaster areas, and use flood storage and detention areas and transfer people resettlement areas as key areas for elimination, highlight key locations and highlight disasters. In rural areas, highlight epidemic spots in special epidemic areas, implement the "two cleans and one cleansing" work of cleaning garbage (stuffs), cleaning (silt), disinfection and disinfection, and conduct harmless treatment of dead livestock and poultry caused by floods; Good health management of general household garbage, and strictly prevent secondary epidemics and disasters caused by floods.
    For severely damaged medical and health institutions, disease control institutions, health supervision institutions, township health centers, and village clinics, a leading group for post-disaster recovery and reconstruction work was established as soon as possible, and high-quality medical resources were deployed to support the disaster areas; increase funding and project investment , To promote the recovery and reconstruction of medical and health institutions in the disaster-stricken areas, and to enhance disaster prevention and relief capabilities. (over)

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