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​Professor Yuan Guoyong: avian flu still active in China and South Asia and related to sale of live poultry in the market

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  • ​Professor Yuan Guoyong: avian flu still active in China and South Asia and related to sale of live poultry in the market

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    Yuan Guoyong said that the avian flu is still active and related to the sale of live poultry in the market.

    Author: blood Bianji Bu (Chen V) 01-12-2019

    Professor Yuan Guoyong, a professor of microbiology at the University of Hong Kong, attended a lecture today (January 12). He said that there is still an abnormal sale of live poultry in the streets. He believes that it is necessary to change the food culture of eating poultry, otherwise the bird flu will not disappear.

    Yuan Guoyong pointed out that avian flu is still active in China and South Asia, and is related to the sale of live poultry in the relevant regional markets. Because there are no biosecurity measures in the market, it is easy for poultry to infect each other.

    Yuan Guoyong also mentioned the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome problem. He pointed out that humans have not changed their habit of contact with camels and believe that the virus will not disappear. He also believes that "SARS" will not come back because many areas have completely closed the wildlife market.

    He also pointed out that 70% of the new infectious diseases are from animals, and it is expected that new infectious diseases will emerge in the next few decades.


    Saturday, January 12, 2019

    Said SARS extinction due to the mainland Guanyewei market Yuan Guoyong: should cancel the live poultry market to reduce bird flu (18:24)

    Yuan Guoyong, a lecturer in the Department of Microbiology, School of Medicine, University of Hong Kong, will give a public lecture on the topic of "A Century Epidemic Will Come Again?" and review the past two decades of infectious diseases. He said that SARS has not come back since 2003, and believes that it is related to the mainland's decision to close the game market, so that different wild animals are no longer easily accessible and spread diseases. He reminded, "It is very simple to return SARS. It is enough to reopen the game market."

    Yuan Guoyong believes that bird flu still occurs from time to time because there is still a live poultry market. He continued to point out that China's population has grown dramatically in the past few decades. The increased demand for food animals also means that the density of livestock in farms and markets is increasing and the opportunities for disease transmission are increasing. As a result, "markets have become a very important epidemic center." He admits that in order to control at the source, it is necessary to slowly change the social culture and banning the live poultry market.

    Yuan also expects that the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) will continue to appear because "the camels continue to travel around the Middle East." People and camels have close contact and drink camel dairy products. He believes that unless there is a vaccine, MERS will continue to exist.

    In recent years, many new infectious diseases have been erupted by animals and passed down. Yuan Guoyong expects that similar situations will continue to emerge in the future. He said that the team of the University of Hong Kong will test the virus on the organs and organs, and will try to develop rapid tests, drugs and vaccines for all purposes.
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