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New Brunswick - Province launches seasonal flu vaccination

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  • New Brunswick - Province launches seasonal flu vaccination

    Province launches seasonal flu vaccination

    12 October 2011

    FREDERICTON (CNB) ? The seasonal flu vaccine is now available in the province, Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eilish Cleary advised today.

    "Vaccination is recognized as the single most effective way of reducing the impact of seasonal influenza, especially for those most at risk of complications," said Cleary."That is why I am urging these individuals to be vaccinated this fall."

    The seasonal flu vaccine is adjusted annually to reflect changes in the viruses that are circulating, which is why a new vaccine must be administered every year to provide protection against these strains.

    Seasonal influenza poses serious health risks to the elderly, the very young, and those with weakened immune systems or other chronic health conditions. The Department of Health funds flu vaccine for those at high risk of complications from influenza, as well as their household contacts.

    Those eligible for the publicly-funded flu vaccine include:

    ● Adults and children with selected chronic health conditions that are significant enough to require regular medical follow-up or hospital care. These high-risk conditions include the following:
    ○ heart or lung disorders (including bronchopulmonary dysplasia, cystic fibrosis, and asthma), diabetes mellitus and other metabolic diseases;
    ○ cancer, immune disorders (due to underlying disease and/or therapy);
    ○ kidney disease;
    ○ anemia or hemoglobinopathy;
    ○ conditions that compromise the management of respiratory secretions and are associated with an increased risk of aspiration;
    ○ children and adolescents with conditions treated for long periods with acetylsalicylic acid.
    ● people of any age who are residents of nursing homes and other chronic care facilities;
    ● anyone older than 65;
    ● healthy children aged six months to 18 years;
    ● all pregnant women;
    ● Aboriginal people;
    ● People capable of transmitting influenza to those at high risk:
    ○ household contacts (adults and children) of individuals at high risk of influenza-related complications (whether or not the individual at high risk has been immunized), as listed in section one above;
    ○ household contacts of infants younger than six months; and
    ○ members of a household expecting a newborn during the influenza season.

    Children aged six months to 18 years, people aged 65 years and older and pregnant women can receive the publicly funded flu vaccine from either the Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) or their family physician or nurse practitioner. Children aged six months to 59 months can receive the publicly-funded vaccine from their local Public Health office. Other eligible recipients can receive the vaccine from their health-care provider.

    The influenza vaccine is also strongly recommended for health care workers who are at risk of spreading the virus to high-risk populations.

    For information about influenza vaccine clinics, call your local Public Health office, your family physician, nurse practitioner or the VON.

    The vaccine will also be available at select pharmacies throughout the province. A full list of participating pharmacies and addition information on the flu can be found online.


    ● Flu information:

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