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Singapore ex Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Man critically ill in isolation with undiagnosed respiratory illness

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  • Singapore ex Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Man critically ill in isolation with undiagnosed respiratory illness

    Hat-tip dbg. Machine translation from Indonesian. While the article mentions suspected bird flu, this could more easily be suspected novel coronavirus. Given the machine translation, it is also possible that suspected H1N1 is the intent.

    Claiming Travel Time to Contact Family Hard
    Monday, March 4, 2013 - 00:27:11 | Home | Read: 10 Times

    BANJARMASIN - Tour and Travel Maratus confirms remain responsible to repatriate Siti Norbayah (79), a resident of Tanjung, Tabalong, which is currently isolated in the Hospital Changi General Hospital Singapore. However, the problem is not that simple.
    "We are still obligated to repatriate him to Banjarmasin. The ticket is still there. Suppose the fire, we are ready to change, "said H Noval of Maratus Tour and Travel, which met in his office on the number Citrawati Banjarmasin Road East, yesterday (3/2).
    Regarding the question of hospital costs and handling Norbayah for Singapore, H Noval had another explanation. According to him, this problem arises when the family began to travel demand pay hospital bills amounting to Rp 25 million. Oval, as he is fondly called said he was surprised, because in the travel package deal, there is no such obligation.
    "The difference is that the accident caused our travel," he said. "But that does not mean we get out of hand. We lobbied, explained that the bill was too heavy and they are not located. And the RS states cost affair later, most importantly the family comes first, "he added.
    She told him, Norbayah was in unconscious condition while traveling home from Jeddah to Singapore, 25 February. The airline refused to repatriate Norbayah. Suspected bird flu and acute lung, Norbayah isolated.
    "Isolation of the standard is already operational at any airport. So instead we neglected, but isolated, "he said.
    Emphasized Oval, while Norbayah taking Umrah package, wal afiat healthy condition. "Wallahua'lam what happened there. What are the factors of age, fatigue, or a trip away with the virus, we really do not know, "he said.
    That date is also the hospital contacted the travel, ask the family immediately contacted. Negotiations between the two sides was held. Apparently, thanks to Rp 25 million, the two sides had an argument.
    Later, travel difficulty contacting family Norbayah. Peak, the family flew to Singapore without confirmation with travel. Oval departure also claim a new idea after reading a newspaper.
    "What accident? If later the family Norbayah repatriate himself, what our obligations? Later we again are to blame, "he explained. "We have a liaison person in there that each day monitoring the condition Norbayah. We can help. But if you have this we can do? "He added. (FUD / yn / bin)