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S. Korea - This is "Golden Time" to stop avian flu otherwise the slaughter will be increased to 50 million - December 28, 2016

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  • S. Korea - This is "Golden Time" to stop avian flu otherwise the slaughter will be increased to 50 million - December 28, 2016

    If not stopped in 1 week, possibly 50 mil birds will have to be culled
    Domestic chicken 14% Duck 25% disappear ... Slaughtering may last up to 50 million

    2016-12-28 03:00:00

    [AI spreading worst] 1 week AI catch golden time

    There is a prospect that 'Golden Time', which is able to overthrow the infectious avian influenza (AI), is now only about a week away. If the proliferation trend can not be stopped within a week, there is a pessimism that the number of chicken and duck slaughtering, which is currently 27 million, will increase to 50 million. The number of anti-quake workers is increasing, including the death of a civil servant who was in charge of AI on the 27th.

    ○ If Golden Time is missed, the slaughter will be increased to 50 million

    The Hwang presidential authority said, "We will have to calm down AI within one week", presiding at the Seoul government building in the morning of the 27th, and preside over a joint ministry AI daily inspection meeting. It seems that he expressed his intention to resolve the situation in a week.

    The number of chickens and ducks that were either slaughtered or slaughtered nationwide by March 27th is 27.3 million. 14.5% of the national chicken and 25.3% of the ducks disappeared. By the 28th of last month, an average of 150,000 have been slaughtered per day, but an average of 840,000 have been slaughtered from the beginning of this month. According to the Ministry of Food and Nutrition on Feb. 27, there are concerns that AI damage, which has been concentrated in laying hens (chicken laying eggs), is spreading to broiler chickens as the AI ​​suspects are filed at Yeoju and Cheonan chicken farms.

    The government is reporting that AI spending has been decreasing, and spread tax will be reduced in the next week. On the other hand, experts worry that the scale of the damage may grow. Professor of Pathology at Hanyang University Medical School said, "Considering various circumstances, it has not yet peaked," he said. "In cold weather, AI virus activity may become stronger and more than 50 million may be slaughtered." Song Chang-sun, a professor of veterinary medicine at Konkuk University, said, "The spread of AI viruses throughout the country is likely to cause damage to broiler chickens and damage will increase exponentially."

    According to the National Statistical Office, as of September last year, there were 69.85 million laying hens in Korea. If more than 50 million are slaughtered, most of the Korean laying hens will be lost. According to the Hyundai Economic Research Institute, in this case, the direct loss suffered by the farmers and the government is 857.3 billion won, and if the indirect loss such as the meat processing industry and the food business are added together, the damage will reach 1,476.9 billion won.

    ○ Probable cause of infection, worry about human infection

    The government has been pushing for measures such as slaughter, suspension orders, and vaccines, but it is pointed out that neither is done properly. An anti-virus specialist said, "All the government measures are shaking hands." He said, "It is said that the most basic countermeasure is delayed from the slaughter,

    The development of a vaccine that is anticipated to prevent AI is also sluggish. Professor Song said, "We have to decide quickly who will vaccinate and whom to vaccinate, but we have not yet convened an official meeting."

    As the situation gets worse, it is pointed out that it should prepare for secondary damage such as human infection. Professor Kong said, "A combination of the current A-type flu and AI may cause a new flu." If the manpower put into the slaughter site touches the infected feces, virus mutation can occur. Although the disease management headquarters checks the health status of the slaughter disposal personnel, it depends on voluntary reporting only, so it is difficult to know the exact status.

    Environmental pollution and a decrease in tourists are also a concern. In Chunan, Chungnam Province, the operation of the plant was stopped because of the release of leachate from a factory that treats slaughtered poultry. In addition, the number of tourists has been decreasing, including the cancellation of sunrise events and other events from across the country, including Goyang City, Gyeongnam Province, and Yangsan City. There is also a growing concern that it may adversely affect visitors to foreign tourists like Mercedes.

    ○ military personnel must be put

    The lack of on-site personnel and the longer the situation, the greater the fatigue of the workforce. On October 27, Seongju County Agricultural and Public Service Chungmo (40), who saw AI work in Seongju-eup, Seongju-gun, Gyeongbuk Province, were found dead in his home. Jung started working at 7:40 am from the middle of last month until now and worked from 9 to 10 pm at night. The police have decided to suspend the investigation with the lack of any evidence of intrusion or suicide, and have decided to ask the National Institute of Scientific Investigation for an autopsy.
    The government is not blaming the lack of manpower, but it also voices that it should actively prepare alternatives. Japan can systematically put the Self-Defense Forces into the slaughter site. On July 28, a suspicious report was received from a chicken farm in Aomori Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture, and a confirmation was made on the same day, and within 12 hours, 3000 Self-Defense Force personnel were put to slaughter. Thanks to quick action, only 1 million poultry were slaughtered.

    On the other hand, the Ministry of Defense is hesitating to put military personnel on the scene. Kim Kyung-gyu, director of the Food Industry Policy Bureau of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, said, "Parents have a strong opposition and there are security problems with soldiers. Currently, military personnel are being put into operation only for control operation and farm manure treatment.

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