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Germany - Disinfectants and respiratory masks have been stolen from several Berlin clinics

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  • Germany - Disinfectants and respiratory masks have been stolen from several Berlin clinics

    Berlin Charit? strangers steal respirators from children's intensive care units

    06.03.20 | 9:30 p.m.

    Disinfectants and respiratory masks have been stolen from several Berlin clinics. The Charit? children's intensive care unit is also affected. The Charit? denied rbb research after an entire truckload of respiratory masks was stolen.

    Large quantities of disinfectants, respiratory masks, gloves and protective clothing have been stolen from the children's intensive care unit of the Charit? Virchow Clinic. A ward is affected where children with severe cancer are treated. The Charit? press office confirmed this at the request of rbb | 24. "As a reaction, internal precautions have been taken to prevent this from happening again," the press office said.

    The BZ had first reported the theft. According to this, the board of health care informed the employees by email that this was unacceptable. The thefts could affect the patient. Charit? rejects report on truck theft

    A spokeswoman for the Berlin Charit? denied on Friday evening that a full truck load with respiratory masks had been stolen. The rbb had previously learned this from Charit? circles, combined with the warning that the theft on a large scale would make work in various wards difficult and endanger patients from Monday. The Charit? spokeswoman also rejected this as wrong. Protective materials are becoming increasingly scarce in clinics

    Disinfectants and protective masks have also been stolen in isolated cases in the city's Vivantes clinics, writes the press office on request from rbb. The Vivantes employees were therefore called upon to be more mindful. The thefts are out of time - because due to nationwide delivery difficulties, the protective material is becoming increasingly scarce.

    "Employees are required to ensure that disposable items such as masks, coats or safety glasses are used in a way that conserves resources," emphasizes the press office.

    In the four DRK clinics in Berlin they have gone one step further to prevent theft. The publicly available dispensers for disinfectants are now only filled with soap, says a spokeswoman. Previously, unknowns had pumped disinfectants into the bottles they had brought with them. Entire containers were even removed from the publicly accessible toilet.

    Bought for 60 cents - sold for 20 euros each

    Those who wear a respirator may feel safer these days. However, according to the Federal Ministry of Health, there is no scientific evidence that a face mask significantly reduces the risk of infection with corona virus.

    In many Berlin pharmacies, respiratory masks and disinfectants are still sold out. Wholesalers of respiratory masks such as the company DACH protective clothing are also increasingly experiencing delivery difficulties. "We have not served new commercial customers since the outbreak of the Corona crisis," says a hotline employee on the phone.

    The result: Respirators are traded at exorbitant prices in online shops. A 24-year-old reported to the online magazine bento that he had speculated on the corona crisis and had already bought breathing masks on a large scale in January. Most of the time he paid less than 60 cents a piece, he sold them for more than 20 euros. Overall, he had generated more than a million euros in sales.

    Stories like this may have contributed to stealing hygiene items in clinics.

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