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China - Harbin under supervision again for COVID-19 "the severe rebound situation" - Heilongjiang province - April 17, 2020

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  • China - Harbin under supervision again for COVID-19 "the severe rebound situation" - Heilongjiang province - April 17, 2020

    Heilongjiang decided: Harbin once again "supervised"
    Time: 17 April 2020 Source: Chang'an Avenue governor micro-channel public number Author: Editor: Guo Tao

    The Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee has been a little busy lately: After setting up a working group to Suifenhe, yesterday afternoon, the local authorities decided to set up a guidance group for the prevention and control of outbreaks in Harbin.
    The Governor of Chang'an Street noticed that more than two months ago, there was an epidemic outbreak in the Northland Ice City, and the entrances and exits of the four main urban areas were closed. At that time, Heilongjiang had sent the provincial party committee steering group "supervising the array", and many delinquent cadres were held accountable.

    On the 15th, a property in Harbin issued a pass

    As we all know, there have been recent cluster cases in Harbin that have become the focus of national attention. Up to now, the city has accumulatively confirmed 23 cases and 15 cases of asymptomatic infections.
    Because of poor prevention and control, Heilongjiang Governor Wang Wentao, on behalf of the provincial epidemic prevention and control headquarters, interviewed Sun Zhe, the principal person in charge of the Kazakhstan ’s defense index and Mayor, on the afternoon of April 15 and raised severe criticism.
    Things did not end there. On the afternoon of April 16, Zhang Qingwei, Secretary of the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, presided over the meeting of the Provincial Committee Standing Committee. The meeting emphasized that Harbin should be the top priority of epidemic prevention and control, and the Provincial Party Committee went to Harbin epidemic prevention and control guidance group to guide and urge the city's prevention and control work.
    On the evening of April 16, Governor Wang Wentao presided over a regular video meeting, requesting all localities to draw lessons from Harbin deeply, and to look for loopholes and deficiencies in depth. It is clearly stated that party members and leading cadres should take the lead not to gather and not to have dinner, once they are found to deal with it seriously.
    In addition, the two meetings mentioned above also proposed many targeted measures. For example, severe penalties for refusal to cooperate in concealment and concealing liar. You must know that it is precisely because the first diagnoser Guo Mouming and the asymptomatic infected person Wang Mouling do not cooperate with the translocation work, it is very difficult to trace the source of infection and identify close contacts. The public security organ has opened a case for investigation .

    The Governor of Chang'an Street noticed that this is not the first time in recent times that "Heilongjiang has set up a Provincial Party Committee to Harbin Outbreak Prevention and Control Guidance Group". This is not the first time that the accountability mechanism has been launched in Harbin.
    Two months ago, on February 9th, at a time when the epidemic prevention and control situation in most provinces in the country was clearly positive, Harbin announced the implementation of integrated management of the four main urban areas and closed all other districts and counties (cities). Entrance.
    The data shows that the situation in the city was very serious at that time, and the number of confirmed diagnoses in the above four districts alone accounted for a quarter of the province. And among the 140 cases diagnosed in the city, nearly 80% of them were caused by aggregation. Due to the weak prevention and control leadership, the spread of the epidemic situation, Zhao Gang District Mayor Zhao Gang, Mayor Wu Jun was removed from office.
    In this regard, the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee established the Guidance Group for Harbin Epidemic Prevention and Control, with Wang Changsong, the standing committee member and secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the provincial party committee, as the group leader.

    He went to Harbin for inspection and guidance many times, or listened to work reports, visited hospitals in depth, or walked into the community to learn more. Among them, on March 3, when there were no new additions to the city for 9 consecutive days, Wang Changsong said that he is positive but still has the risk of rebounding. Foreign defense input should be the top priority and must not be relaxed.
    Unexpectedly, a word was fulfilled. After 29 consecutive days of no new additions in the province, Harbin was diagnosed with one case on April 9th, which kicked off the prevalence of the local spread and the city was once again widely concerned.
    The Governor of Chang'an Street noticed that more than half a month ago, Wang Changsong had traveled south to Jiangsu to act as the Standing Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the New Provincial Party Committee. His successor was Zhang Wei, the leader of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Group of the National Development and Reform Commission of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission.
    Now, for the second time, Heilongjiang has formed the Harbin epidemic prevention and control guidance group. Who will be the team leader and what measures will be taken to effectively curb the severe rebound situation? It is worth waiting to be seen.


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    China's Heilongjiang reports 20 new confirmed COVID-19 cases

    (Xinhua) 10:25, April 18, 2020
    HARBIN, April 18 (Xinhua) -- Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province on Friday reported seven new locally-transmitted confirmed COVID-19 cases and 13 new imported confirmed cases, the provincial health commission said Saturday.

    All the new imported cases were Chinese nationals returning from Russia. Of them, five were previously asymptomatic cases, according to ...


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      Due to the emergence of new coronavirus infection, Harbin No. 2 Hospital was closed for disinfection April 20, 2020 03:34 Surging News

        Original title: Harbin No. 2 Hospital was discontinued for disinfection due to a new coronavirus infection
        On the morning of April 20, the Second Hospital of Harbin City issued an announcement saying that there have been recent cases of new coronavirus infection in the hospital, and the hospital has been completely suspended in accordance with relevant regulations.
        The full text of the attached announcement is as follows:
        Announcement of Harbin Second Hospital Discontinuation
        In order to protect the lives and health of the general public, in view of the recent cases of new coronavirus infections in our hospital, the clinic has been completely closed in accordance with relevant regulations, and terminal disinfection is underway. Citizens with medical needs are invited to see other hospitals. We apologize for the inconvenience.
        Harbin Second Hospital
        April 20, 2020


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        Authorities Cover Up Virus Outbreak in Northern Chinese City as Second Wave Worsens


        April 22, 2020 Updated: April 22, 2020

        Officials in the northern China city of Harbin have under reported cases of the CCP virus during the second wave of its local outbreak, according to internal government documents obtained by The Epoch Times.

        Meanwhile, one major hospital in Harbin has stopped accepting new patients because of overcapacity and infections among medical staff. Some workers were being observed for symptoms at quarantine centers.

        In early April, authorities in the northeastern province of Heilongjiang reported another wave of infections in several cities, the most severe in Harbin, the provincial capital. When China’s initial outbreak became severe in January, Harbin designated 24 hospitals for treating patients with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, commonly known as novel coronavirus.

        The Epoch Times also obtained an internal “warning notice” issued by the Heilongjiang government on April 13, in which it admitted that the outbreak in Harbin was in “an aggregated, explosive situation.”
        Real Figures

        The Epoch Times obtained a statistical data sheet from Daowai, one of 18 districts in Harbin, which recorded the newly diagnosed patients in the district on April 10. The sheet listed 34 people’s names, ID numbers, cellphone numbers, antibody test results, and other information.
        ......Heilongjiang authorities require that all suspected patients receive a nucleic acid diagnostic test, antibody blood test, and a CT scan. An expert will then confirm whether the patient has the virus.

        While the data sheet only showed the results of the patients’ antibody blood test, officials determined all 34 to be “diagnosed patients” on April 10. Of the group, 20 were being treated at Harbin No. 2 Hospital, while the other 14 were sent to four quarantine centers—sites usually converted from hotels.
        Government policy is to treat all diagnosed patients at designated hospitals in China; confirmed virus patients staying at quarantine centers may indicate that local hospitals have become fully occupied with patients.

        “The Chinese regime hasn’t announced the true situation of the outbreak since day one, so we have to think about the worst-case scenario,” said U.S.-based China affairs commentator Tang Jingyuan in an interview. When hospitals are full, “patients with mild symptoms may have to stay at quara.....Chen has spread the virus to a total of 78 people, who were from Harbin, other cities in Heilongjiang province, as well as one from Liaoning province, and two from Inner Mongolia, state-run Beijing Daily reported on April 22. They had come into contact with Chen at the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University and Harbin No. 2 Hospital, where Chen was being treated....


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          New coronavirus outbreak in northern China puts city of 11 million on lockdown

          A student who had tested negative for coronavirus and had gone through a 14-day quarantine returned to the city or Harbin where the deadly bug was contracted by 70 people Unzela Khan
          • 02:26, 23 APR 2020
          • UPDATED07:12, 23 APR 2020


          Authorities in China have placed a city on lockdown as the country battles to prevent a second wave of the potentially deadly coronavirus.

          The city of Harbin in northern China has become the latest hotspot after a woman unknowingly infected 70 others after testing negative for Covid-19.

          A 22-year-old student surnamed Han had returned to China from New York last month.

          She had gone through a 14-day quarantine and showed no symptoms of the bug.

          Harbin health authorities say she was a "silent carrier" of the virus.

          Unaware, she went on to infect her neighbours who then hosted a gathering...

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            Harbin No. 2 Hospital Announces the Closed Source of the Discontinued Hospital Area

            2020-04-21 14:23 North Night New Vision

            From 0 to 24 April 20, 2020, 6 newly confirmed cases (6 cases in Harbin, among which 2 local asymptomatic infected persons were converted to 2 confirmed cases) and 1 new suspected case (Daqing) Six cases of asymptomatic infections were added (4 cases in Harbin and 2 cases in Mudanjiang).
            As of 24:00 on April 20, a total of 530 local confirmed cases were reported, and a total of 470 cured cases were discharged. There are 47 confirmed cases (45 cases in Harbin and 2 in Mudanjiang), and 1 suspected case (Daqing). There were 30 cases of asymptomatic infection (23 cases in Harbin, 5 cases in Mudanjiang and 2 cases in Suihua). The number of hot clinics on the day was 1043.
            A total of 17,899 close contacts have been tracked, 16,521 have been released from medical observation, and 1,378 are still undergoing medical observation.
            3 new cases of local confirmed cases on April 19
            At 0-24 April 19th, 3 newly confirmed cases (3 cases in Harbin) and 3 asymptomatic cases (3 cases in Harbin) were newly added in Heilongjiang Province. So far, this round of viral infection chain has caused 60 people to be infected in Harbin, including 39 confirmed cases and 21 asymptomatic infected persons. There have also been 1 cases of 43 clustered infections in individual hospitals.



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              Wouldn't it be nice if we had numbers like that in the west. Harbin population ~10 million, cases per day 3, outbreak total 60, contacts traced 17,900. And they are firing people for not doing a better job.


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                The number of cases in the Harbin transmission chain has increased to 81, and the hospital sense has exceeded 60. Why did the star hospital fall behind?

                10:34:19, April 24, 2020
                Source: 8:00

                In the same transmission chain, 81 people have been infected, of which 58 were diagnosed in Harbin and 20 were asymptomatic.
                Super spreaders emerged, causing infections in more than 60 people in two hospital visits, including 8 medical staff.
                One person each was diagnosed in Daqing City, Heilongjiang, Fushun City, Liaoning, and Ewenke Banner, Hulunbeier City, Inner Mongolia.

                The First Hospital of Harbin Medical University is an anti-epidemic star. This time, the 87-year-old new crown patient Chen Mou was not detected in time.
                Hospitals that have experienced epidemics in the past two months cannot accept patients normally, but also face huge financial pressure and urgent needs for resumption of work. The contradiction between resumption of work and epidemic prevention and control is a huge dilemma faced by hospital management.

                The number of people infected in the cluster epidemic in Harbin has increased to 81.
                According to the notification from the health committees in various regions, 58 people were diagnosed in Harbin (1 patient was cured and discharged), 20 were asymptomatically infected, and 1 person was diagnosed each in Daqing City, Heilongjiang, Fushun City, Liaoning, and Ewenk Banner, Hulunbeier City, Inner Mongolia. The 87-year-old Chen became a super communicator.

                During the treatment of Harbin Second Hospital and Harbin Medical University First Hospital, more than 60 people were infected, including 2 doctors, 6 nurses, multiple patients and accompanying staff, Daqing, The three patients in Fushun and Hulunbeier also entered the First Hospital of Harbin Medical University in the same period.....




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                  1 person infects 80 people! Harbin's mass transmission incident occurs

                  This week, the country continued to strengthen normalized epidemic prevention and control measures, and 12 areas across the country have been cleared.
                  Just today, severe cases in Wuhan have also been cleared.
                  However, the number of new cases in the local area increased this week. Heilongjiang Province is on the front line of epidemic prevention and control. A cross-provincial transmission of one person to multiple people occurred in Harbin.
                  The key point of this "chain" communication is a dinner. 87-year-old Chen was infected with a confirmed case of Guo at the dinner, and during the hospital visit, he was transmitted to many medical care and patients.
                  Abroad, although the epidemic situation in Western Europe has improved, the global epidemic situation is still not optimistic. The number of diagnoses of new coronary pneumonia in the world has exceeded 2.66 million.
                  To help everyone better understand the epidemic situation and protect it, we analyzed global data. The following is the epidemic data and interpretation of this week (as of April 24):




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                    Mudanjiang has a cluster of nosocomial infections after Harbin: 14 people have been infected

                    Yang Meng, Xie Yongli / Beijing Daily Client
                    2020-04-24 16:40
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                    The Beijing Daily client's April 24 news caused a massive epidemic in Harbin, which caused large-scale infections in the first hospital of Harbin Medical University and the second hospital of Harbin City. Currently, 81 people have been infected, which has caused national attention. Today, in Mudanjiang, another city in Heilongjiang, the number of hospital infection clusters caused by imported cases has also increased.

                    According to the Heilongjiang Health and Welfare Commission website today, from 0 to 24 April on April 23, 7 cases of asymptomatic infections related to overseas imports were newly added in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Province, all related to the confirmed case of Gong Mou who was previously hospitalized in Kang'an Hospital in Mudanjiang.

                    The Beijing Daily client reporter sorted out and found that in this cluster of cases in Mudanjiang, 14 people have been directly or indirectly infected. Among them, 2 were diagnosed cases and 12 were asymptomatic infected persons, including two medical staff in another secondary hospital.

                    Infected female patients infected with confirmed cases due to hospital admission abroad

                    Gong Mou, female, 65 years old, she and her husband Wang Mou, both confirmed cases notified by the Heilongjiang Health and Health Committee on April 19. Gong was hospitalized in Kang'an Hospital due to liver disease, and was accompanied by her husband during the hospitalization. On April 5th, due to the imported confirmed cases admitted by Kang'an Hospital, the couple took a private car and transferred to a secondary hospital for inpatient treatment. On April 18, both men tested positive for nucleic acids. After joint consultation by national, provincial and municipal experts, the two were confirmed as cases of new coronary pneumonia.

                    On the same day, Mudanjiang City also notified three asymptomatic persons. Two of them were medical staff of the second-level hospitals after consultation, and one was the younger brother of Gong Mou (female, 65 years old). Judging from the time of onset, the interval between the onset of the first case and the last local confirmed case in Mudanjiang City exceeds the incubation period, so there is little possibility of transmission from the local community. According to the comprehensive analysis of the national and provincial epidemiological expert groups, this is a new coronary pneumonia epidemic related to imported cases.

                    Today announced 7 new asymptomatic infections

                    On April 21, Mudanjiang notified two new asymptomatic infected persons, both of whom were close contacts of Gong and his wife.

                    On the morning of the 24th, the Heilongjiang Health and Welfare Committee reported that Mudanjiang City had screened out 7 cases of asymptomatic infections related to overseas imports among those in close contact with concentrated medical observation. Among them: 3 cases were Gong's inpatients and their wives and co-living staff in the same ward during the hospitalization of Kang'an Hospital in Mudanjiang City, 2 cases were accompanied by patients in the same period, and 1 case was accompanied during the same period Relatives, one case was a close contact of Gong Mou, a confirmed imported case abroad.

                    As of 24:00 on April 23, at least 8 people, including the confirmed case Gong and his wife, had been infected in Kang'an Hospital. The other six asymptomatic patients were close contacts of Gong and his wife, and medical staff from another secondary hospital...



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                      ...The Second Hospital of Harbin City has announced its closure on April 20.

                      After screening, there are currently eight medical staff in the No. 2 Hospital of Harbin City who are infected in the hospital. Including 2 doctors and 6 nurses, all have been sent to the designated hospital. 216 medical personnel who are close contacts are being quarantined in isolation, and 189 related personnel have taken home isolation measures. More than 130 doctors who do not need to be isolated provide medical security services for patients in the internal medicine complex and two isolated hotels.

                      The Heilongjiang Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a notice on the 17th, holding 18 accountable cadres and public officials accountable for the poor prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in Harbin. Involving three hospitals, a total of 13 people were punished in Harbin Second Hospital, Harbin Chest Hospital, and First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University.

                      Chen Moujun was placed in an 8-person ward at Harbin Medical University
                      Multiple infections in the same room
                      On April 6, Chen Moujun was transferred to the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University. The epidemic may have been discovered during the transfer, but this opportunity was once again ignored.
                      According to a person in the hospital's internal investigation team, the doctors who visited him conducted medical consultations on Chen Moujun's physical condition, epidemiological history, contact history, and dinner gathering. The doctor noticed that the 120 transport personnel did not wear protective clothing, based on which it was determined that Chen Moujun should not be a confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia. After communicating with other doctors on WeChat, he diagnosed Chen Moujun as falling pneumonia, ruled out the possibility of new coronary pneumonia, and did not require him to perform nucleic acid testing.
                      The person said: "The doctors concerned are paralyzed mentally, overconfident, and continue to miss opportunities."....




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                        The trajectory of new cases of new pneumonia in Harbin
                        Harbin News Network
                        Release time: 04-25 04:00Harbin News Network official account

                        From 0 to 24 April 23, 2020, there were 3 newly confirmed cases in Heilongjiang Province (1 case in Daqing and 2 cases of asymptomatic infections in Harbin ) , of which: among the 2 new cases in Harbin, there are One case was a close contact with a confirmed case of Chen Moujun (male, 87 years old) who was in the same hospital on the same floor as Wang Mouhui (a confirmed case on April 16) during his stay in the First Hospital of Harbin Medical University, and one case was Chen Mou Jun (male, 87 years old) was in close contact with patient Duan Mouying (diagnosed case on April 12) on the same floor in the same hospital during the second hospita....

                        The trajectory of new cases of new pneumonia in Harbin

                        In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, and to remind the general public to take good protection, in accordance with the requirements of the city's work headquarters for the response to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, after the epidemiological investigation and inquiry, we will now confirm 2 new local cases in our city on April 23 at 0-24 The case (corrected from the original asymptomatic infected person as a confirmed case) and the activity trajectory of one asymptomatic infected person are announced as follows:
                        Newly confirmed local cases (2 cases)
                        Case 1:
                        Hou Mou, male, 55 years old, clerk. Permanent address: Hongtu Community, Daowai District, Harbin. Those who were diagnosed with asymptomatic infection of New Coronary Pneumonia on April 15th are now revised as confirmed cases of New Coronary Pneumonia (the trajectory is supplemented)....

                        Source: Heilongjiang Provincial Health Commission



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                          Video shows bodies lying outside restaurant in Harbin, China's new coronavirus epicentre

                          A video clip of three collapsed individuals on a sidewalk outside a restaurant in Harbin goes viralChina's north-eastern province of Heilongjiang has emerged as the country's new epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak after reporting a sharp rise in new coronavirus cases recently. Now, video footage has emerged on social media purportedly showing three individuals lying collapsed on the ground outside a restaurant in the province's capital city of Harbin.

                          Video of three collapsed bodies outside restaurant

                          Human rights activist and China dissident Jennifer Zeng shared a video clip of what appears to be three people lying on the sidewalk outside the eatery as emergency wearing protective gear move them into an ambulance. The incident reportedly took place on Hongtu Street in Harbin's Taiping District, as pointed out by Zeng.

                          "At a restaurant in Hongtu Street, Taiping District, #Harbin #China. Cause of accident unknown. Notably, it was reported that one person in Harbin has infected 78 others recently, and one of the 78 persons infected by him has been to a similar restaurant on Apr 3," Zeng captioned the clip, before adding that it is not yet known whether the restaurant in the clip is the same one that the infected person visited...



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                            20 pharmacies in Harbin were closed for rectification due to inadequate prevention and control measures

                            April 25, 2020 09:14

                              Original title: 20 pharmacies in Harbin were shut down for rectification

                              On April 24, the reporter learned from the Harbin Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau that the relevant departments of Heilongjiang Province recently sold the real-name registration and epidemic prevention and control of "antipyretic and antitussive" drugs (hereinafter referred to as "three types of drugs") to pharmacies in urban areas After conducting an unannounced visit, it was found that some pharmacies had problems in selling "three types of drugs" and not using the "Wo ? Fill" system as required. According to relevant regulations, Harbin Municipal Market Supervision Administration decided to suspend and rectify 20 pharmacies in violation of regulations, rectify within a time limit, and publicly expose them.
                              According to reports, during this unannounced visit, the relevant departments of Heilongjiang Province and cities found that the following problems existed in individual pharmacies.
                              First, the implementation of the code scanning and temperature measurement for the personnel entering the store is not strict;
                              Secondly, the sales of "three types of drugs" did not use the "Wo ? Fill" system as required;
                              The third is to fail to verify and approve the information of drug purchasers as required.
                              These problems collectively reflect the lack of principal and social responsibilities of individual drug retail companies, and the weak sense of self-discipline, which brings hidden dangers to the prevention and control of epidemics.
                              At present, the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in Kazakhstan is in a critical period of "foreign defense input, internal defense rebound", and the majority of pharmaceutical retail enterprises should effectively shoulder the main responsibility, strictly implement the relevant regulations of the prevention and control headquarters at all levels, especially carefully implement the "four important "Four more" requirements. Entering the store staff must fulfill the "four requirements", that is, scan the code, measure temperature, wear masks, and prevent aggregation; Call back.
                              At the same time, citizens and friends are required to actively cooperate with pharmacies, abide by the epidemic prevention regulations, and actively report to pharmacies that violate the requirements of epidemic prevention, fulfill their social supervision obligations, and contribute to winning the prevention and control of the epidemic.