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Intranasal Nanovaccine Confers Homo- and Hetero-Subtypic Influenza Protection

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  • Intranasal Nanovaccine Confers Homo- and Hetero-Subtypic Influenza Protection

    Small. 2018 Feb 12. doi: 10.1002/smll.201703207. [Epub ahead of print]
    Intranasal Nanovaccine Confers Homo- and Hetero-Subtypic Influenza Protection.

    Qi M1, Zhang XE2, Sun X1, Zhang X1, Yao Y3, Liu S4, Chen Z5, Li W1, Zhang Z1, Chen J4, Cui Z1.
    Author information


    Cross-protective and non-invasively administered vaccines are attractive and highly desired for the control of influenza. Self-assembling nanotechnology provides an opportunity for the development of vaccines with superior performance. In this study, an intranasal nanovaccine is developed targeting the conserved ectodomain of influenza matrix protein 2(M2e). 3-sequential repeats of M2e (3M2e) is presented on the self-assembling recombinant human heavy chain ferritin (rHF) cage to form the 3M2e-rHF nanoparticle. Intranasal vaccination with 3M2e-rHF nanoparticles in the absence of an adjuvant induces robust immune responses, including high titers of sera M2e-specific IgG antibodies, T-cell immune responses, and mucosal secretory-IgA antibodies in mice. The 3M2e-rHF nanoparticles also confer complete protection against a lethal infection of homo-subtypic H1N1 and hetero-subtypic H9N2 virus. An analysis of the mechanism of protection underlying the intranasal immunization with the 3M2e-rHF nanoparticle indicates that M2e-specific mucosal secretory-IgA and T-cell immune responses may play critical roles in the prevention of infection. The results suggest that the 3M2e-rHF nanoparticle is a promising, needle-free, intranasally administered, cross-protective influenza vaccine. The use of self-assembling nanovaccines could be an ideal strategy for developing vaccines with characteristics such as high immunogenicity, cross-protection, and convenient administration, as well as being economical and suitable for large-scale production.


    M2e; ferritin; influenza; intranasal; nanovaccines

    PMID: 29430819 DOI: 10.1002/smll.201703207