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Inverse vaccination, the opposite of Jenner?s concept, for therapy of autoimmunity
L. Steinman
Journal of Internal Medicine
Volume 267, Issue 5, pages 441?451, May 2010
John Wiley and Sons
Feb 15, 2010
? 2010 Blackwell Publishing Ltd
DNA-based vaccines to induce antigen-specific inhibition of immune responses in human autoimmune diseases represent the inverse of what Jenner intended when he invented vaccination. Jenner?s vaccine induced antigen-specific immunity to small pox. DNA vaccines for autoimmunity have been developed in preclinical settings, and now tested in human trials. The first two clinical trials, one in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, and the other in type 1 diabetes indicate that specific inhibition of antigen-specific antibody and T-cell responses is attainable in humans. Further development of this approach is ongoing. This new version of immunization termed ?inverse vaccination? when applied to autoimmune diseases, may allow targeted reduction of unwanted antibody and T-cell responses to autoantigens, while leaving the remainder of the immune system intact. The method of specifically reducing a pathological adaptive autoimmune response is termed inverse vaccination.
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