. 2023 Aug 3;587:109859.
doi: 10.1016/j.virol.2023.109859. Online ahead of print. Prevalence and characterization of seven-segmented influenza viruses in bovine respiratory disease complex

Tirth Uprety 1 , Chithra C Sreenivasan 1 , Milton Thomas 2 , Ben Hause 2 , Jane Christopher-Hennings 2 , Dale Miskimis 2 , Angela Pillatzki 2 , Eric Nelson 2 , Dan Wang 3 , Li Feng 4


Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) complex is a multifactorial respiratory disease of cattle. Seven-segmented influenza C (ICV) and D (IDV) viruses have been identified in cattle with BRD, however, molecular epidemiology and prevalence of IDV and ICV in the diseased population remain poorly characterized. Here, we conducted a molecular screening of 208 lung samples of bovine pneumonia cases for the presence of IDV and ICV. Our results demonstrated that both viruses were prevalent in BRD cases and the overall positivity rates of IDV and ICV were 20.88% and 5.99% respectively. Further analysis of three IDV strains isolated from lungs of cattle with BRD showed that these lung-tropic strains belonged to D/Michigan/2019 clade and diverged antigenically from the circulating dominant IDV clades D/OK and D/660. Our results reveal that IDV and ICV are associated with BRD complex and support a role for IDV and ICV in the etiology of BRD.

Keywords: Bovine respiratory disease; Cattle; Influenza C virus; Influenza D virus.