. 2023 Jul 27;587:109855.
doi: 10.1016/j.virol.2023.109855. Online ahead of print. Circulation of influenza C virus of C/Sao Paulo/378/82 lineage among pediatric acute respiratory cases, Shandong, China

Hong Zhou 1 , Jiansheng Liu 2 , Linlin Li 1 , Ju Sun 3 , Qingjuan Wei 2 , Yu Huan 4 , Michael J Carr 5 , Yuhai Bi 6 , Weifeng Shi 7


Influenza C virus (ICV) was identified in five pediatric acute respiratory cases in Shandong. Co-infection with other respiratory viruses was detected in four of these cases. Two ICV genomes were obtained and clustered in the S1-sublineage of C/Sao Paulo/378/82, indicating that genetically diverse ICV strains have been circulating in mainland China.

Keywords: Acute respiratory infection; Co-infection; Genome; Influenza C virus.