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Nature. Mutant flu: assessing biosecurity risks

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  • Nature. Mutant flu: assessing biosecurity risks

    [Source: Nature, full text: (LINK).]
    Mutant flu: assessing biosecurity risks

    Johannes Rath

    Journal name: Nature
    Volume: 482, Page: 470
    Date published: (23 February 2012)
    DOI: doi:10.1038/482470b
    Published online 22 February 2012

    In the ongoing controversy over the mutant H5N1 avian influenza research (Nature 481, 9?10, 2012), we should be wary of reducing biosecurity measures merely to assigning access rights to sensitive information and materials. A national security body made up of military and law-enforcement officials that puts confidentiality stamps on dual-use research is not in the long-term interest of scientific progress. Biosecurity in research needs to be integrated into a more comprehensive strategy if it is to be effective and avoid harming public-health interests.