This article is a preprint and has not been peer-reviewed

Posted June 21, 2022


Amyn A. Malik, Maike S. Winters, Saad B. Omer


While the Monkeypox outbreak is growing, little is known about the general public's levels of knowledge, their trusted sources of information and attitudes towards a Monkeypox vaccine. In our representative survey of the US general public, we find that almost half the respondents (47%) feel that their knowledge level about Monkeypox is poor or very poor. The most trusted sources of information about the outbreak are healthcare professional and officials, but also known doctors and researchers with a large online following. Being vaccinated against COVID-19 was a strong predictor of willingness to receive a Monkeypox if recommended (adjusted Odds Ratio 32.1, 95% Confidence Interval 16.7-61.7). Our findings point to the urgent need for clear communication.