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Med Sci (Basel) . Mortality and Clinical Outcomes among Patients with COVID-19 and Diabetes

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  • Med Sci (Basel) . Mortality and Clinical Outcomes among Patients with COVID-19 and Diabetes

    Med Sci (Basel)

    . 2021 Oct 26;9(4):65.
    doi: 10.3390/medsci9040065.
    Mortality and Clinical Outcomes among Patients with COVID-19 and Diabetes

    Viny Kantroo 1 , Manjit S Kanwar 1 , Piyush Goyal 1 , Deepak Rosha 1 , Nikhil Modi 1 , Avdhesh Bansal 1 , Athar Parvez Ansari 1 , Subhash Kumar Wangnoo 2 , Sanjay Sobti 1 , Sudha Kansal 1 , Rajesh Chawla 1 , Sanjiv Jasuja 3 , Ishan Gupta 1



    Background Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a decisive risk factor for severe illness in coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). India is home to a large number of people with DM, and many of them were infected with COVID-19. It is critical to understand the impact of DM on mortality and other clinical outcomes of COVID-19 infection from this region. Aims The primary objective of our study was to analyze the mortality rate in people with DM infected with COVID-19. The secondary objectives were to assess the effect of various comorbidities on mortality and study the impact of DM on other clinical outcomes. Methods This is a retrospective study of COVID-19 infected patients admitted to a tertiary care hospital in north India in the early phase of the pandemic. Results Of the 1211 cases admitted, 19 were excluded because of incomplete data, and 1192 cases were finally considered for analysis. DM constituted 26.8% of total patients. The overall mortality rate was 6.1%, and the rate was 10.7% in the presence of diabetes (p < 0.01, OR 2.55). In univariate analysis, increased age, chronic kidney disease (CKD), coronary artery disease (CAD), stroke, and cancer were associated with mortality. On multiple logistic regression, the independent predictors of mortality were CAD, CKD, and cancer. Breathlessness and low SpO2 at presentation, extensive involvement in CXR, and elevated ANC/ALC ratio were also significantly associated with mortality. Conclusions The presence of comorbidities such as DM, hypertension, CAD, CKD, and cancer strongly predict the risk of mortality in COVID-19 infection. Early triaging and aggressive therapy of patients with these comorbidities can optimize clinical outcomes.

    Keywords: COVID-19; chronic kidney disease; coronary artery disease; diabetes mellitus; hypertension; mortality rate.