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Viruses . Nucleocapsid Structure of Negative Strand RNA Virus

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  • Viruses . Nucleocapsid Structure of Negative Strand RNA Virus


    . 2020 Jul 30;12(8):E835.
    doi: 10.3390/v12080835.
    Nucleocapsid Structure of Negative Strand RNA Virus

    Ming Luo 1 , James Ross Terrell 1 , Shelby Ashlyn Mcmanus 1

    AffiliationsFree article


    Negative strand RNA viruses (NSVs) include many important human pathogens, such as influenza virus, Ebola virus, and rabies virus. One of the unique characteristics that NSVs share is the assembly of the nucleocapsid and its role in viral RNA synthesis. In NSVs, the single strand RNA genome is encapsidated in the linear nucleocapsid throughout the viral replication cycle. Subunits of the nucleocapsid protein are parallelly aligned along the RNA genome that is sandwiched between two domains composed of conserved helix motifs. The viral RNA-dependent-RNA polymerase (vRdRp) must recognize the protein-RNA complex of the nucleocapsid and unveil the protected genomic RNA in order to initiate viral RNA synthesis. In addition, vRdRp must continuously translocate along the protein-RNA complex during elongation in viral RNA synthesis. This unique mechanism of viral RNA synthesis suggests that the nucleocapsid may play a regulatory role during NSV replication.

    Keywords: 5H+3H; capsid protein motif; cofactor; cross subunit interactions; negative strand RNA virus; nucleocapsid; viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase.