R Soc Open Sci. 2019 Sep 18;6(9):190255. doi: 10.1098/rsos.190255. eCollection 2019 Sep. Label-free sensitive detection of influenza virus using PZT discs with a synthetic sialylglycopolymer receptor layer.

Erofeev AS1,2, Gorelkin PV3, Kolesov DV4, Kiselev GA5, Dubrovin EV1, Yaminsky IV1,5.
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1 Lomonosov Moscow State University, 1, Leninskie Gory, Moscow 119991, Russia. 2 National University of Science and Technology 'MISIS', Leninskiy prospect 4, 119991 Moscow, Russia. 3 Medical Nanotechnology LLC, Skolkovo, Russia. 4 FSBSI Institute of General Pathology and Pathophysiology, 8, Baltiyskaya st., Moscow 125315, Russia. 5 Advanced Technologies Center, 4-5-47, Stroiteley Street, Moscow 119311, Russia.


We describe rapid, label-free detection of Influenza A viruses using the first radial mode of oscillations of lead zirconate titanate (PZT) piezoelectric discs with a 2 mm radius and 100 ?m thickness fabricated from a piezoelectric membrane. The discs are modified with a synthetic sialylglycopolymer receptor layer, and the coated discs are inserted in a flowing virus suspension. Label-free detection of the virus is achieved by monitoring the disc radial mode resonance frequency shift. Piezo transducers with sialylglycopolymer sensor layers exhibited a long lifetime, a high sensitivity and the possibility of regeneration. We demonstrate positive, label-free detection of Influenza A viruses at concentrations below 105 virus particles per millilitre. We show that label-free, selective, sensitive detection of influenza viruses by home appliances is possible in principle.
? 2019 The Authors.


biosensor; influenza; microelectromechanical systems; sialylglycopolymer; virus detection

PMID: 31598281 PMCID: PMC6774986 DOI: 10.1098/rsos.190255
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